, play 00:26
Dawson takes excellent catch as Peshawar close in

Dawson takes excellent catch as Peshawar close in

, play 00:53
Hasan doubles down with brilliant run out

Hasan sprinted and then picked up the ball and threw the stumps down in one fluid motion

, play 00:50
Hasan gets Livingstone first ball

It was full, it nipped in off the track, and Livingstone's feet were rooted to the crease

, play 00:35
Raza bamboozles Madsen

The length and the drift away drew him into an injudicious drive

, play 00:42
Yamin skittles Akmal early

Akmal didn't know too much about this one. The ball pitched on a fifth stump line and jagged in off the seam, beating a lazy push and hurtling through

Karachi Kngs 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0Babar AzamLS Livingstone
2nd13Babar AzamBR Dunk
3rd2CA IngramBR Dunk
4th28CA IngramSikandar Raza
5th12Imad WasimSikandar Raza
6th49Imad WasimMohammad Rizwan
7th1Mohammad RizwanAamer Yamin
8th1Mohammad AmirMohammad Rizwan
9th1Mohammad RizwanUmer Khan
10th2Mohammad RizwanUsman Shinwari

Pakistan Super League