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Scorer: Justin Smyth

50 | 18 Runs | KEN19: 205/8 (110 runs required, RR: 4.10)

  • Emmanuel Bundi26 (26b)
  • Martin Okoth16 (7b)
  • Pelham Myburgh1-0-17-0
  • Christopher Coombe9-2-35-1

The Namibians are celebrating because they believe that they have done enough to qualify. So Namibia win this game up 109 runs. A very comprehensive victory. Once Allan was out you could tell that the Kenya's didnt feel that they had a chance. JO Ochieng was the pick of the batsmen with 54 runs. The two Baard brothers were both very effective when bowling and it comes as no suprise that Stefan Baard has just been named man of the match.

Its just been confirmed that Namibia have just claimed the last qualifying place for the u-19 world cup. Well down Namibia! So after 2 weeks of non stop cricketing action here in Ireland. I can confirm that the Scotland have finished first in qualifying and Nepal, Ireland, Afganistan, PNG and Namibia have all made it through. So that just leaves me to thank you for following the coverage of the games over the past two week. This is Justin Smyth saying goodbye for a sun lit Drummond cricket ground. Good night

Myburgh to Ringera, SIX runs, its a six for the last ball of the tournament. He clears the front foot and drives the ball obver the top of long-on.
Myburgh to Ndandason, 1 run, driven back down the wicket to long-on. Last ball coming up
Myburgh to Ndandason, no run, looped up and he swings and misses
Myburgh to Ndandason, SIX runs, hits it high over cow corner and into a tree. A bit of pie chucking here i think!
Myburgh to Ndandason, no run, goes to hit it again and misses, it goes through to the keeper
Myburgh to Ndandason, FOUR runs, bowls it short and it goes through the hands of the fielder at cow corner

ICC Under-19 World Cup Qualifier News

Kenya U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10RN PatelRN Vishram
2nd8DI AllanRN Vishram
3rd48IA KarimDI Allan
4th11IA KarimJ Hirani
5th50JO OchiengJ Hirani
6th0HA AngilaJO Ochieng
7th6KO OchiengJO Ochieng
8th45EB RingeraJO Ochieng
9th27EB RingeraMO Ndandason