Day 4

682dPaul Edwards at Colwyn Bay

Spinners seal win despite weather threat

Rain and gloom delayed the start but Lancashire wasted no time in taking the final five wickets they needed to confirm a resounding innings victory over Glamorgan

Day 3

Day 2

682dPaul Edwards at Colwyn Bay

Chapple chips in after record stand

Glen Chapple proved that the Colwyn Bay pitch was not quite so flat as to repel bowlers of timeless class after Alviro Petersen and Ashwell Prince had scored 501 in partnership

Day 1

Glamorgan 3rd innings Partnerships

1st32JA RudolphWD Bragg
2nd1WD BraggCA Ingram
3rd24CA IngramCB Cooke
4th52DL LloydCB Cooke
5th11MA WallaceCB Cooke
6th61CB CookeAG Salter
7th0CAJ MeschedeAG Salter
8th0GG WaggAG Salter
9th2DA CoskerAG Salter
10th10DA CoskerMG Hogan