Final, Indore, Sep 29 2013, NKP Salve Challenger Trophy
(44.4/50 ov, target 275)
India Blue won by 50 runs
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DELHI Innings
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India Blue wins the 2013/14 NKP Salve Challenger Trophy. They clinch the title by 50 runs, Vinay Kumar, Piyush Chawla and Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled well and early wickets set the tempo for them. Earlier in the morning Manish Pandey and Chawla helped them to get a challenging total. For Delhi, Milind Kumar and Bisht tried their best and also not to forget Nehra. The big guns in the names of Gambhir, Chand and Sehwag falls early, Kohli got a start but can't carried it on.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar named Man of the Match. Thanks for all you comments and following the game, that's all we had from this season of Challenger trophy, stay cool, cheers!

Vinay Kumar to Suyal, OUT
All Over! back of a length delivery, round the wicket, pitched it around leg and moving away from Suyal, he backs away and tries to hoicks it over midwicket, managed only an edge and Ojha dives to left and takes a good catch to bring the victory.
P Suyal c †Ojha b Vinay Kumar 0 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

kallu: "Nehra is a kind of guy who respects only the balls and not their bowlers"

Vinay Kumar to Bisht, 1 run
on middle and leg, nudged through midwicket
Vinay Kumar to Bisht, SIX runs
length delivery, on middle and leg, over the Bisht strikes that over point and bring his half-century
Vinay Kumar to Bisht, FOUR runs
length delivery, outside off, shuffle across and scoops it to the left of short fine leg
end of over 441 runs
DELHI: 213/9CRR: 4.84 • RRR: 10.33 • Need 62 runs from 36b
Pawan Suyal0 (7)
Punit Bisht43 (46)
Ankit Rajpoot8-1-35-0
Vinay Kumar10-1-53-2
Rajpoot to Suyal, no run
fuller time time, on middle and leg, pushed to mid-off
Rajpoot to Suyal, no run
length delivery, angling in, defended nicely
Rajpoot to Suyal, no run
low full toss, on middle and leg, inside edge onto the pad

tanuj: "If Nehra would have given some respect to B.Kumar , then this match would be much more interesting."

Rajpoot to Bisht, 1 run
length delivery, on middle and leg, flicks through square leg
Rajpoot to Bisht, no run
yorker length, down leg, punched to mid-off
Rajpoot to Bisht, no run
back of a length delivery, on middle and off, defends
end of over 43Wicket maiden
DELHI: 212/9CRR: 4.93 • RRR: 9.00 • Need 63 runs from 42b
Pawan Suyal0 (4)
Punit Bisht42 (43)
Vinay Kumar10-1-53-2
Bhuvneshwar Kumar9-1-39-4
Vinay Kumar to Suyal, no run
slower, good length delivery, outside off and he missed his shot
Vinay Kumar to Suyal, no run
back of a length, good bounce, on middle and leg, beaten once again

vinayak shastri: "Delhi should have sent Nehra as on opener like manoj prabhakar :)"

Vinay Kumar to Suyal, no run
slower one, outside off, beaten once again
Vinay Kumar to Suyal, no run
yorker length delivery, beaten
Vinay Kumar to Awana, OUT
short of a length outside off, Awana went for a pull, edged it to the keeper, that was a bit faster than what Awana expected, early onto his shot and Ojha jumps and took it easily
P Awana c †Ojha b Vinay Kumar 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Sanyam Kamat: "There goes Delhi's final hope of winning this match!"

Vinay Kumar to Awana, no run
back of a length, around off, pushes back to the bowler
end of over 428 runs • 1 wicket
DELHI: 212/8CRR: 5.04 • RRR: 7.87 • Need 63 runs from 48b
Parvinder Awana1 (1)
Punit Bisht42 (43)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar9-1-39-4
Piyush Chawla9-0-45-2
Kumar to Awana, 1 run
fuller, outside off, driven down the ground
Kumar to Nehra, OUT
that makes the crowd silent, short of a length delivery, on middle and off, Nehra backs away and tried to clear the midwicket fence, managed just to skies it towards cover and Yuvraj accepts the simple one
A Nehra c Yuvraj Singh b Kumar 24 (13b 1x4 3x6) SR: 184.61
Kumar to Bisht, 1 run
angling down the leg, flicks to on side
Kumar to Bisht, FOUR runs
back of a length, outside off, Bisht clears the infield and into the midwicket fence
Kumar to Nehra, 1 run
back of a length delivery, pulls away through midwicket
Kumar to Bisht, 1 run
slower, outside off, lofts it over mid-on