The margin of victory is 243 runs and UP have lost the finals of the Ranji Trophy for the second successive time; they lost to Delhi last year. The last-wicket stand of 55 between Gupta and Amir Khan frustrated Mumbai for a while but barring that one agonising passage, Mumbai looked on top for almost all day. They did well to come back in this match after being 55 for 4 in the first innings. They recovered to 402, thanks to a century from Rohit Sharma and a qualitatively better 99 by Abhishek Nayar. Rohit was lucky and his innings proved decisive in the outcome; Mohammad Kaif dropped him twice and UP missed a couple of run-outs. Had they fielded better, the match would well have been a closely contested one. Shukla batted well in UP's first innings, but Zaheer Khan triggered a collapse to put his team firmly in control.

After having gained a first innings lead and batted UP out of the game in the second innings, the events on the final day would have only served an academic purpose. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was UP's star, taking five wickets in the first innings and impressing with the bat.

Mohammad Kaif: "We have a young team and they've been learning quite fast. We fielded first to get some early wickets and we weren't good with the fielding. Shukla batted well for us. We did get bogged down in the first innings and Zaheer bowled superbly to restrict us. Congratulations to Mumbai for playing so well throughout. I must thank all the staff and the younger members of the side to have played so well and I'm confident we'll be a better side in the future."

Wasim Jaffer holds aloft the Ranji Trophy

Jaffer: "I thought UP bowled really well in the first session but Rohit and Nayar brought us back to get to 400. We feel really proud to have won this and we have a great history behind us. Whenever, a new player comes into the Mumbai team, we expect him to perform outstandingly, so there is a huge responsibility on our shoulders. We have a superb Ranji record and there have been some outstanding performers for us this season, and I'm happy about my own form as well."

That's all from all of us here at Cricinfo. It's been a pleasure bringing you the coverage for the final stages of this tournament. Thank you for all your feedback. Two other really interesting ODI games today: Bangladesh are on the verge of upsetting Sri Lanka and Australia are locked in a close contest against South Africa.

On behalf of everyone at Cricinfo, it's goodbye from Siddhartha Talya on the commentary and S Raju from the scoring desk. Adios!

Kulkarni to Gupta, OUT, Mumbai win the Ranji Trophy for the 38th time, landing full outside off and he drives at it lazily to get an outside edge straight to first slip where Kukreja holds on this time. Dhawal has taken five and is now on par with Ravindra Jadeja to become the highest wicket-taker this Ranji season

P Gupta c sub (SO Kukreja) b Kulkarni 25 (41m 36b 5x4 0x6) SR: 69.44

Round the wicket to the left hander

Kulkarni to Amir Khan, (no ball) FOUR runs, full outside off stump, angling in a touch, tries to drive it to cover, gets a thick outside edge wide of gully for a boundary
Tendulkar to Amir Khan, no run, dropped, full outside off, drives and it's put down at second slip by Kukreja, the agony continues for Mumbai.
Kulkarni to Gupta, FOUR runs, full outside off and swinging away, slashes at it and slices it away over point for boundary
Powar to Amir Khan, FOUR runs, charges down the track and heaves it away over midwicket for a boundary. The last pair doing a decent job here
Kulkarni to Gupta, FOUR runs, short of a good length outside off and swinging away, driven firmly off the back foot to the deep cover boundary. Gupta is doing a good job of frustrating Mumbai here
Kulkarni to Gupta, FOUR runs, what a shot! Just slightly overpitched and Gupta smashes through the covers for a boundary. That didn't take too long to reach the ropes, he murdered that one
Powar to Gupta, FOUR runs, flighted on middle and leg, swept away wide of square leg for boundary. Well struck
Kulkarni to Gupta, FOUR runs, full outside off, slashes hard at it, gets a thick outside edge between the slips and gully for a boundary
Powar to Amir Khan, FOUR runs, and again, flighed outside off stump, he charges down and lofts that over the bowlers head for a boundary towards long-off
Powar to Amir Khan, FOUR runs, tossed up, down the track and over mid-on for a cleanly hit boundary
Powar to Amir Khan, no run, dropped, kicked off the pitch after landing on a good length on middle, clips the gloves on the way to the chest and then lobs up over short leg where the fielder fails to latch on
Kulkarni to Amir Khan, no run, dropped, short and wide, cut away towards gully where Rahane fails to hold on to a tough chance diving to his right
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U. Pradesh 4th innings Partnerships

1st20SS ShuklaTM Srivastava
2nd1SK RainaTM Srivastava
3rd32M KaifSK Raina
4th5M KaifParvinder Singh
5th112M KaifB Kumar
6th23PP ChawlaB Kumar
7th0P KumarB Kumar
8th24Amir KhanB Kumar
9th9RP SinghAmir Khan
10th55P GuptaAmir Khan