Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Commentator: Nikhil Kalro

31 | 14 Runs | AUS-A: 175/1 | RR: 5.64

  • Travis Head27 (20b)
  • Joe Burns63 (91b)
  • Hardus Viljoen7-0-54-1
  • Dean Elgar5-0-19-0

3.25pm Sheer control all through the day except for the first 10 overs where South Africa's openers batted well. Utterly dominant nine-wicket win with 19 overs to spare. The openers batted beautifully, playing some exotic shots in the process. South Africa's bowling was also discernibly poor, seven no balls were bowled in the innings. Hardus Viljoen was good and bowled with some good pace. But nothing else notable from their performance.

Usman Khawaja is the Man of the Match. "Very hot today. Having big knee reconstruction is difficult, but it is getting better every game. Boyce up front, bowled beautifully. We did get a bit of reverse swing there as well with the quicks."

Dean Elgar: "Seven no balls is a no-no in cricket. Extremely disappointed but credit to Australia's bowlers."

Viljoen to Head, FOUR runs, that will be it. Australia take the game. Head picks the gap at extra cover effortlessly again. Never looked in any trouble throughout the innings
Viljoen to Burns, 1 run, whipped off his pads to midwicket to also bring scores level
Viljoen to Burns, no run, Burns picks the man out at short third man. He tries to guide the wide-ish delivery to the boundary
Viljoen to Head, 1 run, picked off his pads towards square leg
Viljoen to Head, FOUR runs, greater shot. Full and wide outside off, but is closer to Head because he has shuffled well outside off, he drives elegantly into the gap at extra cover
Viljoen to Head, FOUR runs, lofted over point. Short and wide, Head acknowledges the opportunity and banishes it from his presence. Smashed over with a powerful cut

Just 11 required for Australia A to get off to a dominating start in the competition