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3rd T20I (N), Hamilton, January 29, 2020, India tour of New Zealand
(20 ov, T:180) 179/6

Match tied (India won the one-over eliminator)

Player Of The Match
65 (40)
Super Over
INDIA: 20/0CRR: 20.00 

12.20am Virat Kohli: "I thought at one stage, we were gone. The way Kane was batting, on 95. Feel bad for him, I know what it's like to play those knocks when things don't go your way. Last ball we had a discussion, we had to hit the stumps because if you don't, it's a single anyway. Rohit was outstanding, both in our innings, and the last two balls as well. We knew if he got one hit, the bowler was under pressure immediately. We'll try to [win 5-0] but it's important to give a couple of the others some game time as well. We want to see how they do in these conditions, someone like Washington Sundar, or Saini."

Apologies if we disappeared for a while, we had some technical issues that prevented commentary from going up for a while. Thankfully it happened after the match ended. We hope you enjoyed our coverage.

Kane Williamson: "Super Overs haven't been too good for us, so we probably need to try and do better in regular time. It was a much better performance all round. We fought back well with the ball after their start. Both sides maximised the slightly shorter side towards the scoreboard. Pretty disappointing, losing after an effort like that, but it's a game of small margins. Throughout the three balls, we've seen India, with their experience, stand up in the big moments, and we must learn from them. It was nice to spend some time in the middle, build some partnerships with the guys, and try and take the game deep."

Rohit Sharma is the Player of the Match. "Never batted in a Super Over before. Didn't know what to expect, whether to go from the first ball or take a single and see what I can do. It was a good performance, although I'm a little disappointed with the way I got out, I wanted to carry on for a while longer. We knew that if we won this game, we would win this series. It was important for the important members of the side to step up today."

Venky: "Not even a single kiwis looked comfortable other than Williamson in this pitch and he nearly scored a century at a strike of nearly 200. This is easily one of the best t20 innings we would ever see. Unfortunately it will be forgotten quickly just because he ended up in the losing side."

Lakesidey: "Who said Kane Williamson can't bat at T20 speeds? He Kan and he Will."

Rahul Sargam: "What else this man should do (Williamson 95 and 11*) ? Sad to see them as a losing side even being an Indian. What a match it was, great game. Feeling sorry for NZ and their fans. Ro-hit did it."

Abhishek: "Do you like super overs? New Zealand- Yes!!"

11.53pm What entertainment. And such clear-eyed execution from Rohit Sharma right at the end. Both he and Williamson played innings today that defied conditions that weren't exactly perfect to bat in, and neither deserved to end up on the losing side, but tied T20 games, for some reason, are a no-no.

Southee to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs

Full, angling into middle and off, and again Southee has failed to deny Rohit elevation. It's the perfect length for Rohit to step forward, get his front leg away from the line, and loft inside-out over the long-off boundary. Amazing shot to win it for India. They've wrapped up the series win too

Amazing scenes here. Four to win. Three to tie. If I weren't commentating on this game, I wouldn't mind an endless sequence of tied Super Overs. Big discussions between Southee and Williamson.

Southee to Rohit Sharma, SIX runs

Rohit Sharma. He's one of the foremost six-hitters in the world, and Southee misses his yorker. Ends up close to half-volley length, and he clears his front leg and launches it over the wide long-on boundary

Ten off two. It's all up to Rohit now.

Southee to Rahul, 1 run

Rahul was looking to make himself some room, and Southee fires it full at his feet. Swiped down to long-on, just a single

Southee to Rahul, FOUR runs

and Rahul still finds the leg-side boundary! Low full-toss outisde off, and Rahul steps across his stumps, and sweeps into the gap between fine leg and deep square leg

15 to win from four balls. Fine leg, deep square leg, deep midwicket, long-on, long-off are the fielders back

Southee to Rohit Sharma, 1 run

in the blockhole on off stump. Slogs again, and drags it to deep square leg off the inside half of the bat

Southee to Rohit Sharma, 2 runs

length ball close to off stump, and Rohit slogs across the line. Drags it along the ground, off the inside half of the bat, towards deep midwicket. There's some hesitation from Rahul in going for the second run, but the throw goes to the wrong end, the keeper's. Seifert fumbles anyway

Tim Southee will bowl for New Zealand, it looks like. Who'll open for India? Rohit Sharma, surely. And Rahul? Kohli? It's Rohit and Rahul.

NZ: 17/0CRR: 17.00 

11.40pm New Zealand finish with 17. An excellent recovery after picking up just singles off the first two balls. Bumrah's slightly off-colour day continues

Bumrah to Guptill, FOUR runs

low full-toss on off stump, and Guptill finishes with a boundary. Clears his front leg, makes a bit of hitting room, and swipes it into the gap between deep midwicket and long-on

Bumrah to Williamson, 1 bye

shortish outside off, and Williamson, backing away to try and cut, slashes and misses. They sneak a bye, and Rahul misses with another rolled throw

Bumrah to Williamson, FOUR runs

brilliant. Looks to make room, and Bumrah follows him with a full-toss on leg stump. Just scoops it, with a straight bat, up and over mid-off

Bumrah to Williamson, SIX runs

shot. He's played this shot brilliantly all day, and he does it again. Steps across to the full-pace length ball outside off stump, and hoicks it away over the square leg boundary

Bumrah to Guptill, 1 run

full-toss, about stump high, on off stump. Flat-batted with no timing, down to long-off

Bumrah to Williamson, 1 run

full, angling into middle stump, swings across the line and hits it in the air, on the bounce, to deep midwicket. Didn't really time it.

11.32pm Alright then. Who's going to deliver India's Super Over? Looks like it'll be Bumrah. Williamson and Martin Guptill will open for New Zealand. Remember: if the Super Over is tied, there will be another Super Over. Williamson is on strike. deep point, long-on, fine leg, deep midwicket, and deep square leg are on the boundary.

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