3rd Test, Leeds, Aug 25 - 28 2021, India tour of England
78 & 278
England won by an innings and 76 runs
Player Of The Match
2/16 & 5/65

1.15pm: Right, well, Headingley's strange magic has rubbed off on England. After their fifth-day humbling at Lord's, they have hit back to make it 1-1 with two to play, making Joe Root their winningest captain in the process. Plenty to dissect, and we'll be getting stuck into it all in due course - Fidel Fernando's report is the first place for you to go, and keep an eye on the site for more to come from George, Sid and the rest. Thanks for your comments, as ever, we'll see you again for the start of the Oval Test on Thursday. From myself, Karthik and Thilak, it's cheerio for now. Bye!

12.55pm: Time for the presentations, starting with India captain Virat Kohli: [Collapse today] "Basically down to scoreboard pressure. Always up against it when you get out for under 80, and the opposition puts up such a big score. But we did well to stay in the game yesterday, fight back as much as we could, and gave ourselves a chance. But the pressure today was outstanding from the England bowlers and eventually they got the results they wanted. [First innings] Quite bizarre, it can happen in this country, batting collapses. We thought the pitch was good to bat on, coming on nicely. But the discipline forced mistakes and the pressure was relentless. Difficult to cope when you're not scoring runs. That caused the batting order to crumble. [Toss decision] No, pitch looked good to bat on, when England batted it was a different ball game because we weren't as good with the ball. The result is a reflection of how the teams played in this game, we expected them to bounce back. [Runs from middle order] Depth, it's an argument you can have. The top order has to give enough runs for the lower middle order to step up. We did pretty well in the first two games, when you have a result like this you can't take too much from it. As a batting group we need to stay close and confident, even after 36 all out [in Australia] we came back. [Selection for Oval] Depends on the pitch, assess the surface, how much moisture and our decision will be based on that. I think this template works, the four seamers [in these conditions]. For sure, we set the template, you're playing Test cricket, and we've bounced back in the past. There are things we need to improve but we will take pride in trying to correct those errors. Something we are looking forward to."

England captain Joe Root: "It was fantastic, clinical performance, the two big lads were exceptional, built pressure early on. Three maidens this morning, and we felt we were in a good place to take wickets. When chances came we took them. [Comeback after Lord's] Look at the talent in the dressing room we know we're capable, just have to be more consistent. Brilliant with the ball but the opening partnership with the bat was fantastic. And yesterday, to hold the rate and build pressure, when it wasn't going for us - we knew with the second new ball we always had an opportunity today. [Anderson] What he does, why he's the GOAT of Tests. He sets a wonderful tone for the bowling group. At his age, to be as fit as he is, it's wonderful for the others to learn from. [Malan] Played beautifully, started cautiously, got himself in and looked very fluent. His international experience came to the fore and nice to put in a performance like that. [Another ton] Always have to perform, plenty of times I've missed out. Good to have foundations and hopefully carry that one. Nice to score one on your home ground the crowd were great, felt in good rhythm and trying to carry that forward. Been exceptional throughout summer and ask good questions. Fantastic to watch and long may that continue. [Curran] Sam's very talented, he might not have perform at his best so far but he'll do special things sooner or later. He impacts the game with bat and ball. [Buttler availability] We'll find out in next couple of days. As a home ground, watched a lot of cricket here as a kid, every time I come here I get a wonderful reception."

Ollie Robinson is Player of the Match: [First England win] "Very special, something you dream about, to get it at Headingley where I started my career is very special. Knew from before that I enjoyed bowling here, was quite excited at the chance to play for England here, very special to get five-for in an England victory. [Anderson partnership] It's an absolute honour, to learn from him, it's been something that's improved my game. Keep trying to be as good as possible and hopefully keep opening the bowling with him. [Kohli wicket] Especially after he hit me for two fours in the over... Same plan for Virat, fourth/fifth stump, trying to angle it away, and hopefully he nicks it. [Workload] Feel fine, nice to have a break between Tests, freshen up and get the body recovered, looking forward to the next."

12.45pm: Ruthless stuff. Eight wickets in an hour and three-quarters. India go from 215 for 2 to 278 all out to be scuttled by an innings. Always the likely result, when you consider the teams' respective first-innings scores - but a bit deflating for the tourists, having fought so hard to get through a long, testing third day just two down. Eight wickets shared by Ollie Robinson and Craig Overton in the second dig, making up for James Anderson's (relatively) creaky form in that regard, and victory in three-and-a-bit days. Leaves the series level with two Tests to play, ahead of games at The Oval and Old Trafford.

Sky are having a word with James Anderson: "Feels good, huge disappointment at Lord's, we wanted to come back and put in a better performance and we did that. As a group we bowled brilliantly, then Joe Root again with the bat, supported by the others in the top order as well. Then today, India fought back which we expected, but we knew if we kept sticking at our basics there was enough there to get wickets and we got our rewards this morning. There were nerves, because of the quality of India's batting line-up, we thought if they get stuck in and get a big partnership it could be a long day. So we came in thinking that but also knew if we bowled as well as yesterday we'd get the rewards. Ollie Robinson today was unbelievable, he's been brilliant since he came into the side. But I think it's that collective effort, we were relentless with that yesterday and carried it on today. Turning up here we knew it was important to get off to a good start because of the result at Lord's, and it's my job as the senior bowler to set the tone, start as we mean to go on. Ollie backed me up and I thought we managed to bowl really well as a partnership. We're missing quite a few bowlers as well, so it just shows what depth we do have."

Overton to Siraj, OUT

back of a length and fenced to slip! Siraj gets squared up and prods from the crease, taken low by Jonny Bairstow going to his right, and that's all she wrote - England win by an innings and 76 runs

Mohammed Siraj c Bairstow b Overton 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Overton to Siraj, no run

short of a length, slings this down leg

Out comes Mohammed Siraj. This has escalated quickly

Overton to Jadeja, OUT

straightens from round the wicket and takes the edge! Jadeja won't need a Leach, because he's been plucked out by Overton. Ripper of a ball, actually, seam movement away and extra bounce, grazes the edge high up and bat and Jadeja turns for the dressing room

Ravindra Jadeja c †Buttler b Overton 30 (42m 25b 5x4 1x6) SR: 120

"Can Bumrah be the Jack Leach to Stokesy Jadeja????" wonders Nitish

end of over 992 runs
INDIA: 278/8CRR: 2.80 
Jasprit Bumrah1 (6)
Ravindra Jadeja30 (24)
Moeen Ali 14-1-40-1
Craig Overton 18-6-47-1
Ali to Bumrah, no run

slows this up a fraction, 53mph/85kph and it does clip the outer half of the bat, runs wide of slip. Bumrah wanted one, keen to improve that batting average further, but Jadeja tells him not to be daft

Ali to Bumrah, no run

bit flatter and again he's forward to defend on off stump

Ali to Bumrah, no run

floated up outside off, defended calmly coming forwards

Slip, leg slip, short leg and silly mid-off

Ali to Jadeja, 1 run

flighted, wide of off and Jadeja cuts, happy to take the single out to the cover sweeper now

Ali to Jadeja, no run

round the wicket, pushed through on off, tapped down

Ali to Bumrah, 1 run

tossed up and Bumrah has a swipe, doesn't connect in the manner hoped for... which is good for him, as it lands well short of deep midwicket and they can trot one

Slight delay while Jadeja has a new bat run out. Four catchers around the bat for Bumrah

end of over 9812 runs
INDIA: 276/8CRR: 2.81 
Ravindra Jadeja29 (22)
Jasprit Bumrah0 (2)
Craig Overton 18-6-47-1
Moeen Ali 13-1-38-1
Overton to Jadeja, FOUR runs

round the wicket, back of a length outside off, Jadeja chops it away for another boundary! Three in a row, though England have succeeded in keeping Bumrah on strike for Moeen

England have brought in a tighter ring - midwicket, mid-on, cover and mid-off - to try and prevent one

Overton to Jadeja, FOUR runs

guided through backward point, played neatly with an open face hanging back

Overton to Jadeja, FOUR runs

driven down the ground, not quite out of the middle but he gets it fine of mid-off for four more

"This cartel of Kohli, Rahane and Pujara not working for sometime now. Can we stats of performance by no 3, 4 and 5 for each country for last 3 years." We'll have plenty of time to talk about it over the next couple of Tests, I suspect, Ravi

Overton to Jadeja, no run

pitched up around off stump, prodded into the covers half forward

Overton to Jadeja, no run

trundling through in the channel, 79mph/127kph but wide enough for Jadeja to stay back and ignore

Overton to Jadeja, no run

length ball angling across from over the wicket, left well alone

Robinson can rest on his laurels for a bit, Craig Overton on from the Kirkstall Lane End

end of over 977 runs
INDIA: 264/8CRR: 2.72 
Jasprit Bumrah0 (2)
Ravindra Jadeja17 (16)
Moeen Ali 13-1-38-1
Ollie Robinson 26-6-65-5
Ali to Bumrah, no run

over the wicket, floated up and this spins sharply, hits Bumrah on the body but falls safely

Silly point and short leg, as well as slip

Ali to Jadeja, 1 run

floated up on the stumps, 55mph/88kph and tucked into the gap at midwicket

Ali to Jadeja, SIX runs

dances down and lofts for six... didn't quite get to the pitch but he has the strength to cart it high and straight, leaving long-on and long-off as bystanders

Second slip/gully is in

Ali to Jadeja, no run

bit of flight and drift in towards the left-hander, again he's forward to smother it

Ali to Jadeja, no run

tossed up and he's on to the front foot to block

Ali to Jadeja, no run

pushed through on middle and leg, Jadeja tucks it square going back

"Again the overconfidence from a great batting display in tough conditions resulting in a massive collapse in a day where it looks like quick scoring is very much possible." The dam has burst this morning, Idrees. But that's always likely when facing a 350-run deficit...

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