1st Test, Johannesburg, December 18 - 22, 2013, India tour of South Africa
280 & 421
(T:458) 244 & 450/7

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
119 & 96
India 1st Innings
South Africa 1st Innings
India 2nd Innings
South Africa 2nd Innings
Match Details
India 1st Innings 
Murali Vijay c †de Villiers b Morkel642691014.28
Shikhar Dhawan c Imran Tahir b Steyn1327372048.14
Cheteshwar Pujara run out (Imran Tahir/Amla)25981482025.51
Virat Kohli c Duminy b Kallis11918125718065.74
Rohit Sharma c †de Villiers b Philander1442461033.33
Ajinkya Rahane c †de Villiers b Philander471372008034.30
MS Dhoni (c)†c †de Villiers b Morkel19721043026.38
Ravichandran Ashwin not out 1113241084.61
Zaheer Khan lbw b Philander012000.00
Ishant Sharma  b Philander0411000.00
Mohammed Shami  b Morkel037000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 6, nb 2, w 14)26
TOTAL103 Ov (RR: 2.71, 454 Mts)280
Fall of wickets: 1-17 (Shikhar Dhawan, 8.6 ov), 2-24 (Murali Vijay, 15.1 ov), 3-113 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 42.4 ov), 4-151 (Rohit Sharma, 53.2 ov), 5-219 (Virat Kohli, 75.3 ov), 6-264 (MS Dhoni, 98.6 ov), 7-264 (Ajinkya Rahane, 99.4 ov), 8-264 (Zaheer Khan, 99.5 ov), 9-278 (Ishant Sharma, 101.6 ov), 10-280 (Mohammed Shami, 102.6 ov)
Dale Steyn2676112.341329020
8.6 to S Dhawan, the short-ball tactic has worked, Dale Steyn has struck, Dhawan again goes for the pull and he can't middle it, a bit of a top edge as the ball loops towards fine leg, where Tahir snaps it up, Steyn is pumped, he brings out the chainsaw celebration, not the best batting from Dhawan that. 17/1
Vernon Philander2766142.251317000
53.2 to RG Sharma, he was always in danger of that. Nicks off to the keeper and India's progress is undone by a bit of poor cricket. It was a length ball outside off, the kind that Pujara and Kohli have been leaving all day, but Rohit goes for a airy drive on the up and has to walk back. 151/4
99.4 to AM Rahane, there's another one, the perfect Philander delivery, a back of length just outside off, nipping away just a touch, Rahane had no choice but to play at it, feathers it through to the keeper, and India have lost both set batsmen just when it seemed like the early threat had been seen off. 264/7
99.5 to Z Khan, that was as plumb as it gets, Zaheer was utterly clueless about that wobbly delivery, it pitched on middle and struck just above the knee roll, Zaheer was stuck on the back foot, not entirely sure how he planned to play that one, bat wasn't anywhere close to the ball, and and one of the easiest lbw decisions for Steve Davis. 264/8
101.6 to I Sharma, another beauty from Philander, hitting the top of off, that was far too good for a tailender, just back of a length, pushing Ishant back in the crease, leaves Ishant a touch and beats his defence to crash into off, 99 Test wickets for him now. 278/9
Morne Morkel23123431.471224022
15.1 to M Vijay, and there we have it! 145.4 kph, full length just outside off stump. Vijay's been letting those go mostly, but he's reverted back to old habits of fishing at the ball with no feet. Straight forward nick to the keeper and Morkel celebrates just rewards. 24/2
98.6 to MS Dhoni, there's the wicket, South Africa have been piling the pressure, big nick to that length ball just outside off, Dhoni got only half-forward as he poked at it, big edge through to the keeper, shifting the length fuller has worked for Morkel. 264/6
102.6 to Mohammed Shami, middle stump is knocked back off the extra ball. Looks like Philander will not get his 100th wicket in this innings. Morkel keeps this full and straight, with some inswing too, and it's just a bit too good for Shami who was rather slow on his push forward. 280/10
Jacques Kallis1443712.64704020
75.3 to V Kohli, what a way to go! Kohli is absolutely gutted as he drives the ball straight to Duminy, who wasn't entirely sure if that was out. "Catch," he asks. So against the run of play was that dismissal. It seemed to be a slower ball and Kohli was onto his drive a little too early and the ball simply lobbed to cover. 219/5
Imran Tahir804705.87289000
Jean-Paul Duminy503006.00123000
South Africa 1st Innings 
Graeme Smith (c)lbw b Khan6811918711057.14
Alviro Petersen lbw b I Sharma2141614051.21
Hashim Amla  b I Sharma36741176048.64
Jacques Kallis lbw b I Sharma012000.00
AB de Villiers lbw b Mohammed Shami1321321061.90
Jean-Paul Duminy c Vijay b Mohammed Shami212220016.66
Faf du Plessis c †Dhoni b Khan20771411025.97
Vernon Philander c Ashwin b Khan59861137068.60
Dale Steyn c RG Sharma b I Sharma1012172083.33
Morne Morkel  b Khan79141077.77
Imran Tahir not out 048000.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 3, w 1)8
TOTAL75.3 Ov (RR: 3.23, 361 Mts)244
Fall of wickets: 1-37 (Alviro Petersen, 13.1 ov), 2-130 (Hashim Amla, 38.1 ov), 3-130 (Jacques Kallis, 38.2 ov), 4-130 (Graeme Smith, 39.3 ov), 5-145 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 44.1 ov), 6-146 (AB de Villiers, 44.3 ov), 7-226 (Vernon Philander, 69.1 ov), 8-237 (Dale Steyn, 72.3 ov), 9-239 (Faf du Plessis, 73.5 ov), 10-244 (Morne Morkel, 75.3 ov)
Zaheer Khan26.368843.3212515010
39.3 to GC Smith, 134 kph, Zak wins the battle again! traps Smith in front of the stumps, but could that have been sneaking down leg? It was full and swung into him rather late. Smith could not adjust to the movement as he hurries to play his flick. Misses the ball and after a concerted appeal, the umpire raises the finger. I was wrong, that was crashing into middle. 130/4
69.1 to VD Philander, there's the breakthrough, India hold on to a catch at slip, good sharp take from Ashwin at first slip, Philander the man to go, terrific line and length from Zaheer just outside off and short of length, making the batsman play, the edge results and Ashwin takes that a bit low to his right, for a moment Vijay at second slip looked interested in going for that one but didn't, Philander has done his bit though, a vital 59. 226/7
73.5 to F du Plessis, outside edge and du Plessis has to go, a length ball outside off, du Plessis hasn't looked at his best this innings, looking to defend off the front foot, nicked through. 239/9
75.3 to M Morkel, 137.9 kph, yorker takes out off stump and India have a lead of 36 runs. Morkel was going for an almighty swing over the off side, but the ball sneaks under his blade and cannons into the base of off. 244/10
Mohammed Shami1834822.66814000
44.1 to JP Duminy, he has one straight away! First slip pouches a regulation catch and Duminy has to walk back. India are right back in this. Lovely ball, just full enough and close enough to the off stump to draw him into a stroke and the resulting edge is safely taken by M Vijay. 145/5
44.3 to AB de Villiers, That is a big strike! AB is trapped in front of the stumps by one that skids and ducks in off the pitch. AB was stuck on his back foot to a fullish ball and when the ball began to move, he was in no position to adjust and was struck on the pads before he could bring his bat down and perfectly in line with the stumps. 146/6
Ishant Sharma2557943.1611912003
13.1 to AN Petersen, stop the press! Ishant has struck, Alviro Petersen is trapped in front of off stump, it was an off stump ball that was moving towards middle, he was looking to play that towards midwicket and misses, the umpire lifts the finger immediately, Petersen starts to trudge off, Ishant roars with delight, oh hang on, they are checking for the no-ball, this will be cruel for Ishant if he has overstepped, he hasn't, Petersen's lean run continues. 37/1
38.1 to HM Amla, oh dear, Amla shoulders arms and finds his off stump knocked back and Ishant sends off a flurry of kisses to the crowd. Manages some sharp inward movement from outside off and Amla has completely misjudged it, or had perhaps expected the bounce to save him. No such luck this time and he has to walk back. 130/2
38.2 to JH Kallis, two in two for Ishant! Full, straight and Kallis is trapped plumb in front. Kallis seemed a little slow on the shot and was playing across his front pad. The ball darts in just enough to beat his stroke and strike his front pad on middle and would have gone on to hit leg. 130/3
72.3 to DW Steyn, another one for Ishant, the short ball works, Steyn couldn't get out the way of that one, tries to fend that away, but it only loops towards Rohit at slip, so both the fielders who put down slip catches yesterday have taken one today. 237/8
Ravichandran Ashwin602504.16182000
India 2nd Innings 
Shikhar Dhawan c Kallis b Philander1521321071.42
Murali Vijay c †de Villiers b Kallis39941555041.48
Cheteshwar Pujara c †de Villiers b Kallis15327035321056.66
Virat Kohli c †de Villiers b Duminy961932549049.74
Rohit Sharma  b Kallis613191046.15
Ajinkya Rahane c Smith b Duminy1527392055.55
MS Dhoni (c)†c sub (D Elgar) b Philander2944653065.90
Ravichandran Ashwin c du Plessis b Philander712111058.33
Zaheer Khan not out 2931493293.54
Ishant Sharma lbw b Imran Tahir414210028.57
Mohammed Shami  b Imran Tahir4571080.00
Extras(b 9, lb 7, w 8)24
TOTAL120.4 Ov (RR: 3.48, 506 Mts)421
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Shikhar Dhawan, 7.3 ov), 2-93 (Murali Vijay, 33.5 ov), 3-315 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 93.1 ov), 4-325 (Rohit Sharma, 97.5 ov), 5-327 (Virat Kohli, 98.4 ov), 6-358 (Ajinkya Rahane, 106.2 ov), 7-369 (Ravichandran Ashwin, 109.2 ov), 8-384 (MS Dhoni, 113.5 ov), 9-405 (Ishant Sharma, 118.6 ov), 10-421 (Mohammed Shami, 120.4 ov)
Dale Steyn30510403.4613412120
Vernon Philander28106832.421368010
7.3 to S Dhawan, Philander becomes the fastest South African to 100 Test wickets, it was a short of length ball just outside off, the sort of area Philander loves probing, Dhawan went for a hard push, results in a thick outside edge towards second slip, these South Africans don't drop many there, Kallis gets his big hands securely around the ball, Dhawan has to go. 23/1
109.2 to R Ashwin, leading edge.... and straight to cover! India are mucking up their plans for an charge here as Ashwin prods forward and looked to clip the back of a length ball on off through the leg side. But he looks up to see Faf fu Plessis snapping up the simplest of catches. 369/7
113.5 to MS Dhoni, slapped, but straight to Elgar, the substitute fielder at deep point. It was short. It was wide. It was possibly the poorest ball Philander has bowled all match but MSD was looking for some quick runs and he absolutely nailed the cut, but the man in the deep judged it well and picks up a good catch. Philander stares him down as Dhoni walks back. 384/8
Morne Morkel21402.00111000
Jacques Kallis2056833.408810000
33.5 to M Vijay, oh, what an unfortunate way to go. He'd been rather solid with balls far better than that. It's a simple length ball, sent down the leg side and he gets a tickle to it as AB dives to his left and clings on. Frustration for Vijay again after working so hard to set himself up for a big score, and then falling to a delivery without any threat. 93/2
93.1 to CA Pujara, there's the breakthrough, Pujara is gone for an outstanding 153, he was struggling a bit in the last over, he goes for the cut and top edges it through to the keeper, the ball didn't do anything special - extra bounce or dramatic movement - Pujara made a mistake, no one's going to hold it against him though after his game-turning effort, Kohli congratulates him as he walks off. 315/3
97.5 to RG Sharma, and he has revenge immediately. The ball keeps low, jags back in wildly and demolishes Rohit's stumps. The cracks have finally had their say and Rohit has a "why, me" look on his face as the fullish ball ducks under Rohit's bat as he looks to defend. No chance of making contact and Kallis roars. 325/4
Imran Tahir15.416924.40557100
118.6 to I Sharma, and finally he gets a wicket! Ishant was looking for the legspinner, he got the other one. Struck just below the knee-roll while he was looking to defend, with his bat well away from the line of the ball and that is that for Ishant. 405/9
120.4 to Mohammed Shami, Tahir finishes it off! Slog sweep from Shami, but this time he can't make contact as the ball sneaks between bat and pad and thuds into his stumps. Two wickets for him, but I doubt he'll take anything out of this match.. 421/10
AB de Villiers10505.0030010
Jean-Paul Duminy2408723.62869000
98.4 to V Kohli, caught behind, four runs short of becoming the first No. 4 batsman from India to get a ton in each innings. it was short, it was wide, but it got a tiny bit more bounce than Kohli thought. His late cut results in a fine nick and AB makes no mistake. Slaps his bat against his helmet as he walks off. 327/5
106.2 to AM Rahane, sharp catch at first slip and JP has another and that is lunch. It was a fullish ball which went along with the arm, Rahane was reaching out with his forward defensive, which results in a thick outside edge and Smith pouches it quite well. 358/6
South Africa 2nd Innings (T: 458 runs)
Alviro Petersen  b Mohammed Shami761622049046.91
Graeme Smith (c)run out (Rahane)44731266060.27
Hashim Amla  b Mohammed Shami413261030.76
Faf du Plessis run out (Rahane)13430939515043.36
Jacques Kallis lbw b Khan3437546091.89
AB de Villiers  b I Sharma10316823912061.30
Jean-Paul Duminy  b Mohammed Shami5981055.55
Vernon Philander not out 2537543067.56
Dale Steyn not out 610150160.00
Extras(b 2, lb 7, nb 2, w 8)19
TOTAL136 Ov (RR: 3.30, 563 Mts)450/7
Fall of wickets: 1-108 (Graeme Smith, 30.4 ov), 2-118 (Hashim Amla, 36.2 ov), 3-143 (Alviro Petersen, 49.2 ov), 4-197 (Jacques Kallis, 60.4 ov), 5-402 (AB de Villiers, 123.1 ov), 6-407 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 124.4 ov), 7-442 (Faf du Plessis, 132.5 ov)
Zaheer Khan34113513.9713718010
60.4 to JH Kallis, 300 wickets for Zaheer and he waves to the dressing room! Kallis is gone! He is not too pleased and has all the right to be as there was a big inside edge on that! Kept it fullish, got it to jag in and it kept a touch low as well. He couldn't adjust his stroke to that last little thing and has to pay the price. Big wicket for a big-match bowler.. 197/4
Ishant Sharma2949113.1313313012
123.1 to AB de Villiers, chops it on and Ishant does it for India! AB cannot believe it as he hangs his head and walks back to the pavilion. It was back of a length just a touch outside off and as he was trying to steer it to third man, the inside edge was taken and cannons into the stumps. The crowd and his dressing room stand up in acknowledgment of a terrific innings. But AB is still worried he might have been the exact thing India needed. 402/5
Mohammed Shami28510733.8211915110
36.2 to HM Amla, that is the second freak dismissal in the match for Amla. he was leaving the ball again having seen it pitched short, but this one keeps so low that it hits top of off! Amla was ducking low, pulling his bat, gloves and helmet away from the ball, which allows a clean path for the ball to crash into the stumps! Amla cannot believe it as he goes off shaking his head. The ball sneaked under his chin as he was ducking!. 118/2
49.2 to AN Petersen, played on! And I think it kept a touch low as well! A tame hang of the bat to the back of a length ball outside off stump results in an inside edge that cannons into his stumps. Petersen did not look anywhere near comfortable this morning and both bowlers deserve credit for this wicket for the mix of short and full balls at him. 143/3
124.4 to JP Duminy, knocks onto his stumps again! Goes for the expansive cover drive on the up and the length ball takes a thick inside edge and rams into the stumps. India are in a huddle and MSD is leading them in a spirited discussion. India flags are out and about. Things are tensing up as the Vern comes out. 407/6
Ravichandran Ashwin3658302.301646010
Murali Vijay10303.0030000
MS Dhoni20402.0080000
Virat Kohli601803.00231000
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New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
TossIndia, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Virat Kohli
Series result2-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 2108
Hours of play (local time)10.30am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days18,19,20,21,22 December 2013 - day (5-day match)
Rod Tucker
Steve Davis
TV Umpire
South Africa
Shaun George
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Adrian Holdstock
Match Referee
Andy Pycroft
Wed, 18 Dec - day 1 - India 1st innings 255/5 (Ajinkya Rahane 43*, MS Dhoni 17*, 90 ov)
Thu, 19 Dec - day 2 - South Africa 1st innings 213/6 (Faf du Plessis 17*, Vernon Philander 48*, 66 ov)
Fri, 20 Dec - day 3 - India 2nd innings 284/2 (Cheteshwar Pujara 135*, Virat Kohli 77*, 78 ov)
Sat, 21 Dec - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 138/2 (Alviro Petersen 76*, Faf du Plessis 10*, 45 ov)
Sun, 22 Dec - day 5 - South Africa 2nd innings 450/7 (136 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • South Africa: 150 runs in 51.2 overs (309 balls), Extras 9
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 57 balls (F du Plessis 17, JH Kallis 31, Ex 3)
  • Drinks: South Africa - 194/3 in 59.0 overs (F du Plessis 28, JH Kallis 31)
  • South Africa: 200 runs in 60.6 overs (367 balls), Extras 11
  • Lunch: South Africa - 236/4 in 74.0 overs (F du Plessis 42, AB de Villiers 24)
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 115 balls (F du Plessis 19, AB de Villiers 30, Ex 1)
  • New Ball Taken: South Africa 247/4 after 80.1 overs (F du Plessis 47, AB de Villiers 30)
  • South Africa: 250 runs in 80.3 overs (484 balls), Extras 12
  • F du Plessis: 50 off 142 balls (4 x 4)
  • AB de Villiers: 50 off 84 balls (8 x 4)
  • Drinks: South Africa - 282/4 in 90.0 overs (F du Plessis 55, AB de Villiers 57)
  • 5th Wicket: 100 runs in 200 balls (F du Plessis 37, AB de Villiers 63, Ex 1)
  • South Africa: 300 runs in 95.6 overs (577 balls), Extras 12
  • Tea: South Africa - 331/4 in 105.0 overs (F du Plessis 88, AB de Villiers 72)
  • 5th Wicket: 150 runs in 301 balls (F du Plessis 67, AB de Villiers 83, Ex 2)
  • South Africa: 350 runs in 110.6 overs (668 balls), Extras 13
  • F du Plessis: 100 off 252 balls (12 x 4)
  • AB de Villiers: 100 off 162 balls (12 x 4)
  • Drinks: South Africa - 392/4 in 121.0 overs (F du Plessis 116, AB de Villiers 100)
  • 5th Wicket: 200 runs in 368 balls (F du Plessis 93, AB de Villiers 102, Ex 7)
  • South Africa: 400 runs in 121.6 overs (734 balls), Extras 18
  • South Africa: 450 runs in 135.6 overs (818 balls), Extras 19
South Africa Innings
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