1st T20I (N), Sydney, Nov 17 2017, Women's Ashes
(15.5/20 ov, target 133)134/4
AUS Women won by 6 wickets (with 25 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
86* (56)

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Beth Mooney is the Player of the Match. "It's unbelievable scenes. I never thought I'd hit the ball like that, if I knew that I'd have hit the ball harder. It was disappointing to miss out in the one-dayers but the girls did relaly well to win it 2-1 and take the points forward. I'm pretty comfortable with the way my game is at. We knew after the Test match if we play the way we usually play, with freedom, we would win"

"Pretty good [winning the Ashes], it's a relief to be honest," says Rachel Haynes, "Started really well with the ball and then fell away a bit. But Beth Mooney did really well with the bat and won it for us. We had two days off, which helped us refresh after a Test match which drained us. There was a bit of confusion, with that first wicket, but the right call was made and we got a roll on. England counterattacked but we did well to hold on. I'm not sure she's in Sydney, but Meg Lanning will join us in Canberra. I couldn't watch the game. That's probably the most nervous I've been watching a game. But Beth Mooney did really well to keep calm and stay in control"

"Four wickets in five overs wasn't good but credit to Dani Wyatt to play such a really good innings for us. The bowlers tried their best but Beth Mooney just outplayed us. Wyatt epitomises T20, lots of enthusiasm," Heather Knight says. "She was under a lot of pressure and really proud of her. We knew what we wanted to do, the girls were really up for it. But obviously Australia were the better team. There's still a chance to win the T20 series, and a T20 World Cup is coming up, so that's good practice as well."

10.00 pm Take a bow, Beth Mooney. This is her first T20I half-century and she's won the Ashes for Australia and overtaken a record set by Meg Lanning - possibly the best batsman in women's cricket. Her 86 not out in 56 balls at a strike-rate of 150 is the highest score by an Australian in T20Is at home, and it was just the innings to close out a modest chase. "I don't know, Its kind of unbelievable," she says. "I had some freedom to come out and play like that and I was fortunate enough to pick the gaps. I think the girls bowled really well to give us a good total to chase. I never have anything to prove. I have a fair bit of confidence in my game and I've been given the opportunity to play a particularly kind of game. It's the first Ashes series I've been part of as a player It's a really wonderful feeling and I couldn't ask for a greater group of players to play with"

"It's so special to be part of the team and retaining the Ashes is the cherry on top," says Gardner. "A couple of people like to talk cricket in the change room, but I just like to sit down and not think about cricket until I have to come out. Rach is pretty chatty. But she talks to the coaching staff. Spotted my Mum in the crowd. Special to get it over the World Cup winners"

"Bloody good [to win the Ashes]," Healy says, "Great innings from Mooney to get us over the line."

"Had to do something with the ball considering my catching," Jonassen says, "Hopefully I'll get some buckets from Santa for Christmas"

"It's been absolutely wonderful to see people come out in droves. This is a very special place. Very special time for Women's cricket," says Ellyse Perry. "I've bowled multiple wides on hat-trick balls. But then again I was pretty lucky to get that first wicket. Healy was absolutely brilliant behind the stumps for that. Its really nice to win tonight but we would love to win the next two as well. We want to be consistent. The crowds have been the highlight of the series and hopefully they come out in Canberra as well"

Ecclestone to Mooney, FOUR runs

Australia retain the Ashes Mooney does the job with a superb cover drive and rushes into hug her captain! Tossed up delivery, smashed through the packed infield and North Sydney Oval erupts with roars and whistles and chaos

Ecclestone to Mooney, no run

drives a tossed up delivery to cover

Ecclestone to Mooney, FOUR runs

shortish and outside off, slices it to the third man boundary. She has the highest score by an Australian in a T20I at home. To think this is her first half-century...

Ecclestone to Haynes, 1 run

hangs back to a tossed up ball and late cuts it behind point

Ecclestone to Mooney, 1 run

full and outside off, nudges to the right of short midwicket for a quick single

end of over 159 runs
AUS-W: 124/4CRR: 8.26 RRR: 1.80
Beth Mooney77 (52)
Rachael Haynes11 (9)
Jenny Gunn 2-0-20-0
Katherine Brunt 3-0-33-1

Australia need 9 off 30 balls to retain the Ashes

Gunn to Mooney, 1 run

full and outside off, squirts it out to deep midwicket

Gunn to Haynes, 1 run

short, offcutter, slugs it out to long-on

Gunn to Haynes, SIX runs

too slow, overpitched as well, and Haynes launches it over long-on! There is a case to be made for Sciver to stay right on the boundary, and as high as she jumps, she can't get to the ball.

Gunn to Haynes, no run

gets into the slog a touch too early and the inside edge goes to fine leg

Gunn to Mooney, 1 run

clips a good length ball outside off to deep midwicket

Gunn to Mooney, no run

cuts in off the pitch, and Mooney, in such good form, is able to protect middle stump with a slice to cover point

Australia need 18 off 36 to retain the Ashes