Amit Mishra bowls seam-up

Mishra's seam-up ball - I

Amit Mishra, tossing the ball up generously, was into his second over. He tested Shikhar Dhawan with a loopy googly, which was swept with control to deep square leg. Mishra then let rip a fast, fizzing seam-up ball at 114kph. Dhawan, looking to swing, was late to bring his bat down and was foxed by extra bounce as well. The ball hit the sticker of his bat and skewed to Sanju Samson at deep midwicket.

Mishra's seam-up ball - II

In his third over, Mishra tested Yuvraj Singh with a brace of googlies. Yuvraj picked the first and lofted it over long-on for six, and chopped the next one hurriedly to point. Mishra followed it with his second seam-up ball of the match, clocked at 112kph. Yuvraj was rushed into his flick and skied a leading edge to Rishabh Pant, who completed a running catch at short fine leg. Mishra let out a roar and set off on a celebratory stint.

The collision

Chris Morris sent down a short ball outside off and Deepak Hooda chopped it to the right of backward point. Hooda aimed for a quick single and Kane Williamson responded. They tried to get out of each other's way but Hooda's shoulder jammed into Williamson's chest as the New Zealand batsman lost his bat. A fumble from backward point meant that Daredevils could not capitalise on the collision. A bat-less Williamson made his ground. The pair then got together and exchanged pats.

Hooda steps on his stumps

Nathan Coulter-Nile kept pushing Sunrisers back with extra bounce. Hooda stayed back and went deeper in his crease to glance a 118kph short ball in the 18th over. He went so deep that his back foot disturbed the stumps and lit up the zing bails. Hooda became the second batsman after Yuvraj to be hit wicket in IPL 2016. There had been no such dismissal during the last three seasons.

The switch late-cut

David Warner had batted right-handed at the nets during Australia's tour of England in 2009 to negate Nathan Hauritz's turn. The power of his switch-hit came to the fore when he swapped his hands and swept R Ashwin over midwicket for six in a T20I in 2012. Warner unfurled a switch late-cut on Thursday night. He pre-meditated by swapping his hands, but fingerspinner Jayant Yadav lobbed it close to the leg stump. Cramped for room, Warner checked his switch-hit, and ended up late-cutting it to short fine leg.