The BCB president Nazmul Hassan has said that the board will provide security to players' family members, journalists and fans travelling from the UK for the series, although the ECB has encouraged any supporters wishing to travel to consult the Foreign Office advice.

The Barmy Army, which reportedly contacted the BCB showing interest in coming to Bangladesh, will also have their Bangladesh visas fast-tracked, according to Hassan.

"We will make sure that not just the players but their family members, fans and the reporters will get security in the stadium and hotel," he said. "They have to inform us where they are staying and contact us. We believe that there won't be any problem with regards to this England tour.

"The Barmy Army had contacted us and we immediately told the Bangladesh high commission to ensure that their visas aren't delayed. We also asked for a list of those who are coming so that we can help them out."

While the England team will get unprecedented protection when they arrive for the tour, that courtesy will not extend to supporters. It is understood that consideration for the safety of those outside of what will be a team bubble of VVIP-level security was given but the ECB's responsibilities stop with the team and management.

"Our decision to press ahead is based on the security plan for the players and management. That's all we can control," Strauss said. "Any supporters going out there, it's worth stressing they should be making their own assessments and referring to the Foreign Office advice."

The current FCO advice reads: "There is a heightened threat of further terrorist attacks and foreigners, in particular westerners, may be directly targeted; crowded areas where westerners are known to gather may be at higher risk of attack; you should minimise your exposure to these areas and consider your movements carefully."