When Alastair Cook and Ben Duckett strode into tea on 100 without loss it appeared England had given themselves the ideal base to push for a target of 273 in Mirpur. But the game changed the first ball after the interval and less than two hours later Bangladesh were celebrating a famous victory. Relive how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary recorded England's dramatic collapse.

23.1 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Duckett, OUT, skids through and Duckett is gone first ball! Stunning riposte from Mehedi, pushes through quicker, Duckett was playing for turn but was trapped on the back foot and in no position to save his stumps from being splattered!

24.1 Shakib Al Hasan to Root, OUT, tossed up, nailed on the shin, and that's out! Root was non-committal on the front foot, he thinks for a moment then shakes his head and trots off to his death-bed. Should he have fronted up so soon after his illness? It's academic now ...

31.2 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Ballance, OUT, good grief, that is awful! A filthy long-hop, Ballance panicked himself into an aggressive response, and spanged a horrible leading edge high to mid-off! He traipses off in disgust, and Bangladesh have prised another opening!

31.6 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Ali, OUT, on the front foot, doesn't spin, spanks the pad and up goes the finger! Moeen reviews but this looked plumb to the naked eye. Halfway up the front foot, and no inside edge. Hitting leg and England are in strife once more!

33.5 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Cook, OUT, off the face of the bat and pocketed at silly point! That was a snaffle worthy of Eknath Solkar, just watching like a hawk as Cook loomed forward and keeping his hands soft on impact. Amazing scenes, and that is ten in the match for Mehedi!

37.3 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Bairstow, OUT, big inside edge, loops to leg slip for a dolly of a catch! Was a straight delivery, which gripped and turned to take the inside edge. Then flew off the pad for an easy catch. Another five-for for Mehedi

42.3 Shakib Al Hasan to Stokes, OUT, done it! Shakib gets past Stokes' outside edge with a straight delivery into off stump. Stokes goes down on his knees and Shakib brings out the salute celebration! Stokes just seemed to play down the wrong line. Straighter deliveries on this surface, offering so much, are dangerous

42.4 Shakib Al Hasan to Rashid, OUT, first ball! With a ripper. This is quite full, Rashid is playing back, gets completely squared up. Hits the back leg. But he reviews. Has it pitched in line with leg stump? That's the only question. Waiting for the graphics. Pitches in line. All over!

42.6 Shakib Al Hasan to Ansari, OUT, three in four balls! Amazing scenes in Dhaka! Ansari flicks the ball off his pads and it's grabbed by short leg, one of three men catching on the leg side. Actually, it's even more amazing. It's a bobble from Mominul at short leg which is grabbed on the rebound by Imrul who is next to him

45.3 Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Finn, OUT, it's all over! Finn flicks across the line, gets taken on the back leg and Dharmasena raises the finger for one last time in this series. He was going to ask for a review, but England have none left. Mehedi finishes with 12 in the match, what a performance.