A list of Pakistan's goof-ups in the field

Azhar Ali fumbled a couple, but Sharjeel Khan and Hassan Ali were guilty of more serious errors in the field Cricket Australia/Getty Images

1.5 Mohammad Amir to Khawaja, 1 run, overpitched and outside off, 138.4ks, driven on the up to extra cover, where the fielder fumbles, allowing a single. Another single gifted to Australia

7.5 Mohammad Amir to Khawaja, 1 run, full and angled in on off stump. Push-driven straight down the ground, capitalising on the bowler's misfield, for a single

23.4 Junaid Khan to Smith, 1 run, dropped. Full and angled wide outside off, he chops at it and it flies to Sharjeel at knee height at backward point, and he's put in a lazy one hand out at this and put it down. Dismal effort.

24.6 Imad Wasim to Smith, FOUR, drifted into the pads, gets down as he sweeps, it catches the left hand of short fine leg but crawls to the boundary anyway

25.6 Shoaib Malik to Smith, 1 run, back of a length on off stump, goes on the back foot and doesn't connect properly with the drive, but Azhar has let it through running in from midwicket and it's a single down to long-on

32.2 Imad Wasim to Warner, no run, Dropped! Back of a length on middle, goes back and tries to cream it to the right of Hasan Ali at mid-on, but he gets it high on the bat and it floats to the fielder. Ali goes slowly, low to his right, and falls over as he tries to take it, it's been put down

37.4 Hasan Ali to Maxwell, 5 leg byes, 139 kph, oh dear. It was a lovely yorker, rapped him on the pads and rolled to the right of slip, who has a needless shy at the stump. The bowler is walking back lazily and makes no attempt at stopping this, and it's four overthrows through mid-on

38.4 Imad Wasim to Maxwell, 2 runs, dropped. Good length on middle, goes for the sweep, gets a top edge, Hasan Ali changes direction four or five times as he's running backwards from short fine leg and in the end can barely get a finger on it away from his body

42.4 Mohammad Amir to Maxwell, 1 run, very full on off stump, shovelled it away with the bottom hand to midwicket. Imad aims at the non-striker's end, and concedes an overthrow

43.6 Junaid Khan to Head, 2 runs, Dropped, Sharjeel is the culprit again. What are you doing Pakistan? Are you trying to out-Pakistan yourselves? Possibly a slower ball, full on middle and leg, Head miscues it in the air. Sharjeel lazily runs to his right from long-on. The ball pops in and pops out. The Pakistan fans in the stands can't believe it. Regulation catch

45.5 Junaid Khan to Head, 2 runs, Head is floored. Wide full ball outside off, reaches out and slices it away to short third man. Hasan Ali fires it miles over the head of Rizwan. Wild, wild throw. Horror fielding. Mickey Arthur can't watch this horror show. He covers up his face in his hands

48.3 Junaid Khan to Maxwell, 2 runs, attempts a yorker outside off, comes out as a full-toss, which is punched to mid-off where Azhar fumbles now

49.2 Hasan Ali to Maxwell, FOUR, Another mishap in the field. Malik now lets it through his legs to the long-on boundary. Short of a length, Maxwell, having shuffled around in the crease, swats it to long-on