Amir, Junaid blow through SL middle order

With Angelo Mathews and Niroshan Dickwella forging a solid fourth-wicket stand, Sri Lanka were well set for an imposing total in their winner-takes-all showdown with Pakistan on 161 for 3 in the 32nd over. Then the ball was returned to the left-arm duo of Mohammad Amir and Junaid Khan. The game changed quickly. Here's how.

31.2 Mohammad Amir to Mathews, OUT, first wicket of the tournament for Amir and what a big scalp this is. Skiddy length ball angling across Mathews, who looks to hop back and whip this to midwicket. Was late on the shot as the ball deflected off a thin inside edge onto the stumps.

32.3 Junaid Khan to de Silva, OUT, this is a ripper of a delivery! Dhananjaya's vigil didn't even last as long as it did for him to hop onto the plane after boarding was announced. Angles a length delivery that nips away off the seam. Dhananjaya, who should have been pushing forward, makes the cardinal sin of defending from the crease as the ball kisses the shoulder of the bat and through to Sarfraz. Big moment in the game .

33.1 Mohammad Amir to Dickwella, OUT, sensational catch from Sarfraz! He was moving to his left and had to suddenly change direction as Dickwella got a thick inside edge. It flew low to Sarfraz who put his left glove low to his left to pull off a stunner. Hadn't taken a wicket in the tournament coming into today's game, now he has two in two and two big wickets. That of the two set batsmen. Sri Lanka are on a freefall here.

33.5 Mohammad Amir to Gunaratne, no run, Dropped! Looks to cut a full ball but gets a thick edge that flies low to Sarfraz's right. He moves instinctively to collect the catch. All good until then. But as he turned to complete the catch, he lost control and the ball bobbled out of the glove. Things happening. What a spell. He knew it wasn't a clean catch, perhaps and went up immediately. Superb reflexes nevertheless. Had it in his grasp till he lost control once the elbows hit the ground.

34.6 Junaid Khan to Perera, OUT, they're swinging Sri Lanka out of the competition or what? This is some stunning bowling. Floats this ahead of length on off, the ball deviates ever-so-slightly as Thisara looks to flay this away from the body, gets a thick edge that is taken superbly in front of his face by Babar at a wide first slip.