Maxwell outdoes himself

'Maxwell catch was fantastic' - Morgan (0:28)

England captain Eoin Morgan says he is unclear of the laws behind Glenn Maxwell's over-and-back catch (0:28)

Appeal of the day
Even his dad does not think he will make it as a Test cricketer, but no one can doubt the effort David Willey puts in on the field. Back in the side to replace the injured Chris Woakes, he produced a demanding opening spell where he made the ball swing to trouble Australia. His third wicket came when he found Aaron Finch's outside edge, but Willey ended up belting his appeal while flat on his face having stumbled in his follow through. He picked himself up, as did Australia.

Drop of the day
Willey's burst left Australia in significant trouble, and it could have been worse. When Glenn Maxwell had 6, he drove at the last ball of Mark Wood's fifth over and the thick edge flew low to Jason Roy's right at second slip. Roy had taken an incredible recovery catch at Old Trafford, clinging on as he fell backwards, but he could not snaffle this more routine chance which would have left Australia 38 for 4.

Scoop of the day
Anything Maxwell can do… For the second time in the series Matthew Wade revived a faltering innings with a clubbing display in the late overs. He raced to a 26-ball half-century, the highlight of which was an astonishing scoop for six over the wicketkeeper off Wood in the last over. He had tried the shot two overs previous and got into a tangle, albeit still getting four off the back of the bat. This time he could barely have connected cleaner, using Wood's pace to his advantage as he ensured Australia had a turbo-charged finish.

Duck of the day
Not the scoreless variety, but rather what John Hastings - playing his first international since 2012 - had to do when James Taylor skipped down the pitch and rifled a fierce straight drive back in his direction. The start of Taylor's previous innings in the series were filled with the nudge-and-nurdle part of his game, but early in this stay he bristled with aggression. Hastings presents a pretty large target, but fortunately his head was on the way down in his follow through as Taylor's drive hurtled to the boundary.

Review of the day
Not much has gone Marcus Stoinis' way on his first tour, but for a moment he thought he may have had his first international wicket when Ben Stokes toe-ended a cut. Immediately, though, there was doubt over whether the ball had carried to Wade and, as ever, it went to the third umpire. There was evidence to suggest it grazed a blade of grass before settling into the gloves, Stokes was reprieved, and Stoinis' wait went on.

Riposte of the day
Mitchell Marsh had just broken the fourth-wicket stand of 91 when he yorked Stokes. England needed 120 off 99 balls. The innings was at the tipping point. Eoin Morgan responded with a thunderous, lofted straight drive off Hastings which landed on the roof of the Main Stand adjacent to the rugby ground and scuttled down to rest in the gutter. From there, Morgan found top gear and made England favourites.

Catch of the day
There threatened to be one more twist in a topsy-turvy game. Steven Smith returned to Pat Cummins, as he had to do, and the breakthrough came with his fourth ball. But it was all down to a moment of brilliance by Maxwell. Morgan nailed his square drive - he could not have hit it cleaner - but it was skimming just above the surface. Maxwell, at backward point, leapt to his right and held on to a catch to rival any taken this season, even Stokes' at Trent Bridge.

Even better catch of the day
Just ignore what is above. Maxwell went even better with an unbelievable boundary catch at deep midwicket, of the sort that is becoming more frequent where the fielder leaps back into the field of play but is no less astonishing every time you see one. On this occasion, Liam Plunkett hoisted Cummins high into the Headingley sky, Maxwell began positioning himself as close as he could get to the boundary. The ball dropped. Maxwell grabbed it, but his momentum was carrying him over the rope. He had the presence of mind to toss the ball away and was then able to spring back into the field of play and hold the rebound. Breathless. But ultimately not enough for Australia.