Off White Thunder, Kev and the Godfather are planning their trip to Adelaide, but Boof and Mitch are not getting them excited. There's some follow-up on the world sauna championships, the prequel to another extraordinary epistle from cricket-lover Akseli the Titan. Rico (aka the Tai Tapu Express) is in touch with tales of Rosco, electronic wickets and lower-level club cricket. Muzz stumps us with his duck question and staggers us with his Rice-Hadlee blast from the past. Dennis Lillee's BMW, Michael Kasprowicz's Shihad fetish and Kev's foray to Elstow are also in the mix. Violence Corner is with Kerry Walmsley and a Bangladeshi journalist. And Ms Mouskori is remixed to put you to sleep at the end. Email the chaps with your observations, nonsense, questions and thoughts at