Greg Baum writes in the Sydney Morning Herald about the sheer one-sidedness of a series that features West Indies and how that could impact Australia's summer as they prepare to host them after a much-anticipated visit by New Zealand.

Test cricket is a dinosaur, not as a game -- still its most elegant form -- but in its apparatus. Here it is again, creaking and clanking down the road to its own oblivion. The fixture to which everyone is working was drawn up five years ago, and is set in stone for another eight years, locking in the West Indies and locking out New Zealand for another couple of cycles.
The West Indies have fallen on such hard times that for this Australia series, according to cricinfo, they used stumps from a previous series, with the name of England crossed out with a marker pen. It is depressing to imagine what state the Windies might be in eight years. They are not coming back any time soon.