Vijay's six in the third dimension

The Maxwell effect

With no help in the first six overs for either the seamers or the offspinner Gurkeerat Singh, David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan made brisk progress, adding 56 runs. So when Glenn Maxwell came in to bowl in the seventh over, Dhawan hoped to continue in the merry way. Maxwell, not known for turn, not only got his first ball to dip, but also got it to spit away from an advancing Dhawan, leaving him stranded down the pitch.

The Neo effect

Warner had been hitting the ball hard all day, but one got very close to the non-striker. As the batsman made room to hit Sandeep Sharma inside out in the 11th over, the bowler followed him. Warner, though, went ahead with the shot and hit it firmly back at Moises Henriques, who, to his credit, stayed mostly still before just getting his right shoulder out of the way. The ball was travelling at some speed, but Henriques probably saw it in slow motion.

The parallax

In the 17th over, Warner, while trying to make room, had to reach out for a low full toss outside off. He managed to hammer it over cover for a boundary but instead of being forced to stay on his normal stance, Warner went in the other direction. He took stance way wide of leg stump, just inside the wide marker. Anureet, confused whether to go for the open stumps or the batsman, ended up serving another low full toss. That was clubbed to the cover boundary as well.

The misfiring gun

No runs should have come off the last delivery of the Sunrisers innings. Instead, two were given away. Sandeep Sharma bowled an accurate yorker that was dug out back down the pitch, straight to the bowler, by KL Rahul. As the batsmen went for a non-existent single, Sandeep had plenty of time to walk to the non-striker's end and take the bails off. But he chose to fire a throw from his position a couple of meters away from the stump only to miss them. Sandeep couldn't believe it. George Bailey couldn't believe it either.

Six in third dimension

It would be hard to beat Chris Gayle on the length of his sixes, but M Vijay could now possibly stake claim on the vertical dimension. He greeted Trent Boult with a flick that launched the ball as high as the light towers and but didn't seem to have much horizontal distance. When it landed, though, it was over the square-leg boundary, 68 meters away.