Singh targets Singh

Mitchell Johnson is delighted after dismissing Aaron Finch BCCI

The celebration

Mitchell Johnson and Aaron Finch had shared a dressing room and a World Cup win just over two weeks ago, but on opposite sides now, Johnson did not dial down the intensity for Finch, whether with the ball, or in his celebration. Having rapped Finch on the pads first ball and then made a mess of his stumps the next, Johnson sped down the edge of the pitch and leapt as he passed the batsman - his face a contortion of ferocity and joy.

The triple blow

Mumbai Indians' chase seemed dead even when Harbhajan Singh arrived at the crease, but when he slammed Anureet Singh for three consecutive sixes in the 17th over, perhaps he opened up a sliver of hope for the hosts. The first six was clobbered over long on, when Anureet overpitched attempting a yorker. The bowler pitched the next one short, only for Harbhajan to swat at it like he would an insect, to send the ball sailing over deep midwicket. The next ball - another attempted yorker, this time too full - would be launched into the stands in the same area too.

The hand shake

Glenn Maxwell is a hitter that moonlights as an offspinner. Harbhajan is an offspinner who moonlights as a hitter. When the latter outdid the former for outrageous batting on Sunday night, Maxwell made sure to communicate his appreciation of Harbhajan's 24-ball 64. He approached Harbhajan as the batsman departed the field after being dismissed by Anureet, and said a few friendly words as the pair shared a soul-brother handshake.

The welcome

Ravi Shastri has been absent from television commentary since mid-2014, thanks to his role with the India side. But like a man released into the world, Shastri overdosed on exuberance on Sunday night, yelling "Hellooo Mumbaiii" into the microphone at a volume that would have blown television speakers all across South Asia, and triggered avalanches in the distant Himalayas.