Fine-dine at Sydney Harbour
I think it is one of the best harbours in the world. The city itself is right on the harbour, which has landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. A lot of people come to Sydney just to see that. There are some amazing restaurants along there: Aria, Caf Sydney, the Quay at the overseas passenger terminal. You can have some amazing food while overlooking the harbour.

Experience Bondi Beach
As a Cronulla lad, I think Cronulla beach is better, but everyone wants to go and experience Bondi. Go down there and have some fish and chips while sitting on the beach or in one of the caf s or restaurants.

Visit the SCG
The Sydney Cricket Ground is my home ground and my favourite ground in the world. You have to visit the SCG.

Drive to Hunter Valley
A drive north of Sydney is the Hunter Valley, which is an amazing vineyard. Australia has some great wineries and that is one of the main ones in New South Wales. The Blue Mountains are just a little bit further west. There are some great places down south - the Southern Highlands and some great country.

The climb
One thing that is on my list of things to do is climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge. To do that first thing in the morning as the sun is just breaking the horizon is pretty special.