Swap of the day
In the opening over, Sulieman Benn offered Morne van Wyk a short, wide delivery - the kind that is too tempting not to hit. Van Wyk responded with a disdainful slap past point where Darren Sammy did not make much of an effort to save any runs. The West Indies captain then moved himself out of that position and put Kieron Pollard in his place. Benn dished up the same delivery, van Wyk responded in the same way but Pollard was the man he played the ball to. With significantly more man in the way, van Wyk did not manage to stay on top of his shot and Pollard gobbled up the catch.

Shot of the day
Pushed up the order to No. 4, David Miller was given the freedom to both start and finish an innings and showed his intent when he dispatched the ball into the next sporting facility. Dwayne Bravo had bowled a tidy over until he pitched one up, Miller got underneath it and lifted it above the Memorial Stand and into the golf course next door. "If it's in the arc..." You know the rest.

Other sporting skills of the day
While Miller had his golf swing out, Andre Russell had his football boots laced up. He bowled the first yorker of the innings, in the 11th over, which Faf du Plessis dug out. The South African captain wanted a quick single and called Miller through but Russell was ready to play striker. He stuck a boot out, aimed his kick at the stumps and was on target. Miller put the dive in and made his ground but his bat was in the air so he had to keep going back to the change-room and Russell could celebrate, soccer-style.

Double reprieve of the day
Twice in an over from Russell, West Indies should have added to the tally of run-outs. First, du Plessis, coming back for a desperate second to deep midwicket, was well out of his ground when the throw came in but the ball skipped between Denesh Ramdin's legs. Then, when du Plessis slapped a drive which was parried by the bowler, Justin Ontong had to regain his ground and then respond to the call for a suicidal run - he was nowhere to be seen when Russell fired a wild throw that again Ramdin could not take, allowing the batsman to get home.

Frustration of the day
With wickets tumbling and the asking rate beginning to rise again, West Indies were in danger of subsiding. They needed 44 from 23 balls when Kyle Abbott bowled one in the slot for Russell to hammer over deep midwicket for six. The next delivery was sliced expertly over gully with an open bat face: 34 from 21. But when Abbott followed that up with a full toss, Russell could only toe-end it down the throat of long-off. He showcased his footwork again, this time in kicking the turf in anger.