Peter Ingram, the former New Zealand cricketer, has suffered back and knee injuries after being run over by his tractor. According to Taranaki Daily News, Ingram was moving cattle on his farm when his tractor keeled over on a steep bank.

"I jumped off the tractor and the bank was so steep I landed about five meters in front of it and then it's run me over and crushed a couple of vertebrae and dislocated my knee," Ingram said.

Ingram was flown to hospital after he hobbled a kilometer to find help from his neighbours. He spent six days in hospital before being discharged.

"The back will heal up 100 per cent, they've said, and hopefully I'll be able to play cricket again sometime, but the knee is a different story," Ingram said. "I definitely won't be able to bowl. I've busted the MCL [medial collateral ligament] and PCL [posterior cruciate ligament]."

Ingram, 36, played two Tests, eight ODIs and three T20 games for New Zealand. He retired from first-class cricket in 2012, but still plays for Taranaki district, and is also a teacher at Waitara High School.