If it's the World Cup, it must be Australia
Amid many, many other sporting exploits, theirs include three cricket World Cup titles on the trot and a 34-match unbeaten streak running from the 1999 event till 2011 - who wouldn't boast? And which non-Australia fan wouldn't complain?
Australia v England, 2003, and West Indies v Bangladesh, 2007

The empire doesn't strike back
The same can't quite be said of England's one-day team, can it?
New Zealand v South Africa, 2007

Fun with fickle fingers
Kamran Akmal: love him or hate him, you can't help taking a dig at him.
Australia v Pakistan, 2011

Pedalo problems
A reported booze-fuelled boat mishap in the wee hours of the morning, necessitating a rescue and resulting in the loss of the England vice-captaincy? The fans aren't going to let you forget that in a hurry, Andrew Flintoff.
England v Kenya, 2007

Lost in Lala land
If that font doesn't scream Shahid Afridi, we don't know what does.
Ireland v Zimbabwe, 2007