Kim's calamity, and a case of soured relations

In the Guardian, Russell Jackson looks at six memorable tours of Australia in Pakistan - from the 1982 tour when Australia failed to win a single game, to the 1998 tour that was the setting for Mark Taylor's 334

Their birthdates were even more flexible than the wrists of the spinners, we spelled their names wrong or else pronounced them incorrectly and marveled that the earth contained so many people with at least two Qs in their name. These Pakistan teams that we saw with our own eyes or on Channel 9's telecasts were easy to fall in love with for they were loaded with unconventional talent and an abundance of memorable characters like Imran, Sarfraz, Qasim, Ijaz, Wasim, Waqar, Saeed, plus all those Mushtaqs and Mohammads. And Mushtaq Mohammad.