Mind the windows, Mitchell

Mitchell Johnson collects the ball AFP

Crash of the day
Of the 15 sixes Australia struck, one will be remembered for a lot more than simply adding half a dozen to the score. In the penultimate over of Australia's innings, Mitchell Johnson sent a pitched up Tinashe Panyangara delivery back over his head and into the panel of glass protecting the commentary box. The window shattered and shrapnel spilled onto the man on air, Pommie Mbangwa, who endured small cuts as he dried to dust the shards off. Zimbabwe knew Johnson would be destructive, they probably just did not expect it in that way. Johnson swiftly raised a hand in apology, with a smile, knowing he had left his mark, literally, on Harare Sports Club.

Try of the day
After bleeding runs for much of the first 20 overs, Zimbabwe had to engineer chances wherever they could and Tendai Chatara almost managed one when he effected a direct hit in his followthrough in an attempt to run out Aaron Finch. Mitchell Marsh pushed the ball into the offside and attempted to sneak a single but Chatara reacted quickly to move across and break the non-strikers' stumps. Finch had to stretch to get his bat behind the line and Zimbabwe appealed confidently but replays showed the bat was just over the line when the bails were dislodged.

Catch of the day
After Zimbabwe managed to effect some sort of squeeze, they understandably grew desperate for a reward and when George Bailey presented them with the chance to enjoy one, they did not let it go begging. Bailey tried to heave Sean Williams behind point but did not get enough bat on his shot and the skied the ball instead. Utseya ran from point while John Nyumbu moved in from short third man and neither called. Utseya latched onto the ball and crashed into Nyumbu, luckily not head-on. Utseya spent some time on the floor and rubbing his shoulder, but all ended well for him as he was both injury free and clung on to the catch.

Non-save of the day
Dedication to the cause was on display for both teams when Sikandar Raza crunched one off the back foot through the covers that seemed as though it would go for four. Nathan Lyon gave chase and dived at the boundary to cut it off but did not quite get it away to safety. Glenn Maxwell was hot on his heels and hauled it in with a leap, an act that would have been lauded as a great save if not for the fact that while all of that was happening, Raza and Hamilton Masakadza had run four.

Smash of the day
After doing damage to some of the facilities, Johnson was quiet for five overs and five balls of his main job, concentrating on drying up runs at his end and waiting for mistakes. Then, Johnson dished out a short, quick ball to Elton Chigumbura. Zimbabwe's captain looked to move out of the way but the ball followed him as he ducked and he was struck flush on the helmet. He suffered a dented helmet but gained a leg bye that put him on strike at the start of the next over, when the seed Johnson planted flowered. James Faulkner bowled another short ball and Chigumbura pulled but top edged high for Brad Haddin to take the catch.