Gavaskar, Nicholas escape unhurt in road accident

Sunil Gavaskar chats with MS Dhoni Getty Images

Sunil Gavaskar, the former India captain, and Mark Nicholas, the former Hampshire player, have been in a road accident while travelling from Manchester to London between the fourth and fifth Investec Tests, but went unhurt.

According to Mid-Day, Gavaskar and Nicholas, fellow Channel 5 commentators, were being driven in a Jaguar to London with a friend, when their car collided with a car coming from the opposite direction.

Reportedly, the Jaguar's driver was slow to react on a wet road, but managed to pull off a late manoeuvre to avoid a head-on collision although still hit another vehicle.

Though the Jaguar was badly damaged, all its passengers went unhurt, but were reportedly shaken. "God has saved us. There was torrential rain and our car was being driven very fast. Thankfully, no one was hurt although the accident was very, very scary," Gavaskar told Mid-Day. "I was visibly shaken after the accident."

It is understood that despite the car being damaged, it was able to take its occupants to the nearest train station, where they boarded a train for London.