Suresh Raina was single-handedly making a mockery of a 227-run target before his run-out in the seventh over paved the way for a 24-run Kings XI Punjab victory. No bowler was spared during his 25-ball 87, but Parvinder Awana came in for special treatment, conceding 33 runs off his second over - only once had an over been more expensive in the IPL, when Chris Gayle took on Prasanth Parameswaran in 2011. This is the excerpt from ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary on Friday's game.

5.1 Awana to Raina, SIX, six more, everything Raina touches clears the ropes, this one is not even off the middle of the bat, high on the blade but there's still enough to send that clear of the midwicket boundary

5.2 Awana to Raina, SIX, shot! Raina's innings has been peppered with some jaw-dropping hits, this is another of them, a length ball is cleanly struck over long-on, holds the pose after playing the shot, effortless and full of style

5.3 Awana to Raina, FOUR, OMG! incredible from Raina, and I am soon going to run out of synonyms, this was a full ball angling away outside off, Raina flicks that towards midwicket, I thought it would be a single, instead he has found the gap and that has gone away for four

5.4 Awana to Raina, FOUR, four again, 6 6 4 4 so far in this over, pitched up and outside off, carted towards deep square leg for four more

5.5 Awana to Raina, (no ball) FOUR, another boundary, I think I should just keep that in my copy-paste, high full toss outside off, Raina just helps it towards third man for four, and that is a no-ball as well

5.5 Awana to Raina, FOUR, make that 29 off five now, Raina launches this length ball over mid-on for four more, incredible stuff this, Dhoni calm as ever in the dressing room

5.6 Awana to Raina, FOUR, 100 in six overs! I am out of words! Raina finishes this over off with another boundary, this time towards deep square leg, this over has had 6 6 4 4 4nb 4 4, 33 off the over, at this rate Sehwag's son might be teased some more at his school