'It could be your career that ends': Prior steps up war of words with Lyon

Mitchell Johnson had Matt Prior caught behind Getty Images

Matt Prior, the former England wicketkeeper, has stepped up his war of words with Australia's Nathan Lyon, warning the offspinner that it could be his own career that is ended if England repeat their Ashes triumph of 2010-11.

Prior, an integral part of the side that won the Ashes Down Under in 2010-11, was one of the most prominent England failures on their return trip three years later, making 107 runs in six innings before being dropped for the fourth Test of the series.

However, having already hit back at Lyon's claim that he had been "scared" of the extreme pace generated by Mitchell Johnson in that series, Prior went one step further in a pair of Twitter posts, as he addressed Lyon's desire to "end some more careers" when the 2017-18 series gets underway on Thursday.

"I sincerely hope you're not part of a losing @CricketAus team on home soil @NathLyon421," Prior wrote. "I still remember being sat on the outfield at the SCG after winning 3-1 while your press&fans were tearing into the Oz players. You want to end careers? Just make sure its not yours that ends."

Prior is no stranger to wars of words, having been the subject of a vitriolic attack from his former team-mate, Kevin Pietersen, who labelled him the "big cheese" in his autobiography in 2014.

By and large, Prior kept his counsel on that occasion, but he has been less willing to take Lyon's comments lying down.

"Last time someone spouted a whole load of BS about me I stayed quiet not this time," he wrote. "To be clear I may have been playing badly fair enough but there was no way I was getting on a plane home. You've embarrassed yourself @NathLyon421 & this game has a funny way of biting back."