The decision
This confusion was bound to happen with the unnecessary zing bails. When MS Dhoni ran Mitchell Starc out, the stump went ablaze even before he had removed the bail. There was obviously doubt over whether the wicket had been broken even before Dhoni collected the ball. Replays showed his arm had come in contact with the stumps before he could collect the ball, but the stumps lit up even though the bail stood its ground. Good on Ian Gould for letting common sense prevail over innovation, but the day is not far when the replays won't be as clear and ugly scenes will ensue over a crucial decision.

The opener
Brad Hodge hasn't been able to contribute much to Australia's cause in this tournament, but he was given a surprise chance when thrown the brand-new ball. Hodge took a few painstaking minutes setting his field, and dished up a long hop into the pads. Having been hit for a four first ball, Hodge came back well, when Rohit Sharma sliced one slowed-down delivery straight to backward point. Not a bad player as your first Twenty20 international wicket.

The return
He scratched, he plodded, his running was awkward, but Yuvraj Singh fought it out in the middle. When he dispatched consecutive long hops from James Muirhead for sixes, there were vague signs he might be finding his touch back, but when he made room and went back in his crease, turning a Mitchell Starc yorker into a half-volley, and crashed it inside-out, from outside the line of leg, over long-off for a six, it was clear that timing was well and truly back.

The non-appeal
It didn't take MS Dhoni too long to move up to the stumps to Indian quick bowlers, which resulted in an uncertain moment. Mohit Sharma provided Shane Watson no room, and he eventually tried to open the face to a ball from around off. The bail came off as Watson was beaten, but Dhoni turned to the leg umpire to say something as opposed to appealing. Dhoni doubted the ball might have hit his pad before ricocheting onto the stumps, and as we know from the Test series against Australia last year, ricochets off Dhoni's pads have been wicket-takers. This time, though, the replays showed the ball kissed the top of off before hitting Dhoni, and Watson was on his bike.