A day after Alex Hales' stunning 100 against Sri Lanka, the impact of his innings was yet to sink in. The twitter guys at BBC perhaps had had one too many pints in celebration.

Australia chose to bowl, and Samuel Badree began with some ridiculous long-hops that found the boundary.

Krishmar Santokie got off to a better start. Every ball of his seemed to be slower than the previous one.

It's the season to get carried away.

After an initial surge, David Warner and Aaron Finch perished to the slower men.

Meanwhile, the Hales hype was beginning to get out of hand.

Glenn Maxwell thumped Australia out of trouble, though Shane Watson and George Bailey failed again.

Maxwell's blitz ended prematurely, and allowed West Indies claw back into the game. James Faulkner was welcomed with a beamer.

West Indies' fielding was a mix of the good and the terrible. Chris Gayle, as always, tended towards the terrible.

Despite losing steam after Maxwell's exit, Australia finished with a solid score. West Indies' chase got off to a stunning start, with Gayle invoking boundary-mode early.

Twitter almost collapsed under the weight of meteorological puns. Some of them weren't too bad.

And some of them flirted with danger. Like staying out on a day with heavy lightning.

Gayle was hitting enough boundaries to not have to bother too much with running.

In the wake of Gayle's monstrous hitting, Australia held back their young leggie.

Muirhead eventually got Gayle's wicket, and Australia quickly piled on the pressure against a struggling Marlon Samuels.

Some saw a silver lining around West Indies' troubles.

Spoke too soon.

Samuels holed out just in time for Darren Sammy to pump West Indies back to life.

Australia needed their left-arm quicks to deliver as the game headed to a hair-raising finish.

Bollinger looked the part, but Mitchell Starc got clobbered by Sammy in a decisive 19th over.

MS Dhoni was in the house to watch the endgame.

Faulkner had 12 to defend off the last over. Dot. Dot. Six. Six.

West Indies celebrated like there was no tomorrow. Which is perhaps true of Australia after two defeats in two games.

And the moral of the story is ...---twitter---
We are enlightened.