What's the secret to playing into your forties?
Clean-living, Guinness and KFC!

Seriously, it's by having so many good youngsters around. I have to keep my standards up to try to set an example to them of how to go about the game. T20 cricket has helped me change my game, especially because I am not a power hitter like some of the other guys these days. That's a real great challenge.

You're nearing 100 centuries in all forms of cricket - and many of those have been big ones. Tell us the secret of turning those hundreds into doubles and triples.
You have to stay in the present. Respect the bowler and play each ball as it comes. It's important to try to do the basics for as long as possible.

What has been the greatest innings you have ever played?
It's hard to say. My international hundreds are special. The 335 I scored to win the County Championship with Sussex for the first time is special too - and the 87 not out to win the Pro40 game against Nottinghamshire in 2008 was up there. We needed 12 an over, there were ten overs remaining and we were eight wickets down - and we won. We needed four off the last ball to win and I managed to hit a six.

Do you keep mementos from games?
I have a few stumps from a few games. I also have a couple of signed shirts, which are nice memories to have.

Your son is playing for Wales Under-11s. Tell us about that.
I love the fact he is playing and I honestly believe he will be better than me as long as he stays away from booze and girls! As long as he stays humble and works hard, he can go places. His legspinners excite me as he idolises Shane Warne.

Are you one of those parents that get too into his games when you are watching?
No, I'm very relaxed. I want him to make mistakes so he learns.

Cricketers have all sorts of strange traits. Are you one of the superstitious ones?
Not at all.

If there was one rule in cricket you would change, what would it be?
In a dead four-day game, both captains should be able to agree to call it off at tea on the last day.

Who's the funniest team-mate you've ever had?
Me, for no other reason other than that I'm hilarious!

Who spends the most time in front of the mirror?
Grant Flower.

You spent a lot of time playing with Andy Flower. Did you always think he'd move into coaching like he has?
Of course. He was destined to move into coaching. He has a very good cricket brain.

We're seeing more and more players go down that route. Do you want to do that yourself?
Yes. I fancy looking at the options of becoming a batting coach first and see where that takes me.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?
To be invisible.

Tell us one thing about you that the average cricket fan wouldn't know.
I have three testicles!

What's your favourite position to bat?
Either at three or four.

Which ground in world cricket has the most hostile crowd?
In India there is just sheer passion everywhere. So it would be either there or at Chelmsford. They always get stuck into me there - and they are not very smart. I'm like a brain surgeon compared to the average fan in Essex!