Amla's ordinary running, and Rahane's concerns

David Miller scored a half-century Getty Images

The run
For an exceptional batsman, Hashim Amla is quite an ordinary judge of a single. In all three matches of this series, Amla has nearly run himself out early in the innings. All three times, he survived. Here in Centurion, Quinton de Kock cut to the right of cover-point, to Rohit Sharma's natural hand, but Amla called de Kock for a single. De Kock was all right because he was running to the danger end, but Amla didn't sprint and gave up halfway. Had Rohit hit, Amla would have been out by a distance, but the fielder also missed hitting the only visible stump.

The fortunate dismissal
India finally got a wicket with a new ball in this series, and it came in a fortunate manner. It was a juicy leg-side full toss from Mohammed Shami, which Hashim Amla could have waited, taken the crowd's opinion on which stand to hit it to, and then actually hit it. However, all Amla managed was a flick straight down square leg's throat. The umpires checked for a no-ball, both on the front foot and on the height, but Amla had to go.

The drop
Ajinkya Rahane must be a worried man right now. In the second ODI, he had to face a barrage of bouncers before being given out when he didn't edge the ball. Out he went from this ODI as Yuvraj Singh was fit again. If that might not have put him in a pensive mood, Rahane was on as a substitute when de Kock pulled to his left at short fine leg. Rahane went for it, got his hands to it, but couldn't hold on. De Kock was 37 then, and went on to score 101.

The full tosses
India were doing better at the death in this game than they did at the Wanderers. They bowled a few yorkers, bounced the tail-enders, kept David Miller away from the strike, and got lucky with half-volleys being hit straight to mid-off or extra cover. Twice, however, they ruined it. Over No. 48 had gone for only seven when Mohammed Shami ran in to bowl his last ball, and it was a juicy full toss. Miller drove it through cover for four. The first five balls of the 49th over had gone for only three, but Umesh Yadav signed off with a full toss, too. This time, Miller sent him for a six over long-off.