Germany v Australia?

Australia are copping it from all sides. If it's not bad enough being 2-0 down the Ashes, with some of your batsmen barely able to score a run, now they are being offered a game by Germany who believe they are more at Australia's level.

In a light-hearted tweet from The Deutscher Cricket Bund the offer was made for Michael Clarke's team to make the short trip over.

Mostly recently, Germany have been playing in ICC World Cricket League Division 7 against the likes of Ghana, Nigeria and Bostwana. By Monday, the message had been retweeted more than 700 times although one of Germany's batsmen, Andr Leslie, was slightly less taken by the suggestion.

As things stand, Australia are still set to take on Sussex later this week rather than Germany. They can, of course, regain the Ashes by winning the next three Tests.