A mix of Minogue and Cobain

Osman Samiuddin of the National places the scanner on Wahab Riaz, who was carted for 14 runs in the last over of the third ODI against West Indies by Nos. 9 and 11. While charting the two extremes of the promising Pakistan quick, Samiuddin explains the difficulty a bowler faces when he is entrusted with the 100th over of an ODI

That rush of a World Cup semi-final five-for against India in India? Kaput, amid the hangover of a spell against them that read 4-0-50-0 a year later. His entire bowling persona can be defined in such extremities: potentially he is fantastic, but sometimes that potential is not just frittered away, it is blasted by a series of explosive breakdowns. If his career were lyrics, Kylie Minogue and Kurt Cobain would have to be the alternating writers, happy shiny, simple pop one day; dark, heavy brooding rock the next.