DRS works for India

Ishant Sharma took two wickets AFP

Review of the day
Might this prove to be the moment that India accepted DRS? At first glance the decision to review the delivery from Ishant Sharma looked optimistic in the extreme. It was a leg-side ball that appeared to have brushed the pad of Asad Shafiq on its way to MS Dhoni. But the review was soon revealed to be something close to an inspiration as replays showed a thin edge and Pakistan's top-scorer was dismissed. Not only did the incident illustrate the benefits of DRS, but it underlined India's growing comfort with the system.

Surprise of the day
Everything about Mohammad Irfan is extraordinary: his 7ft 1in height, his massive feet, his enormous hands. So when he hit a couple of strokes powerfully, it should not have come as a surprise. But with his ungainly frame, it was surprising to see Irfan hit the ball with good timing. Importantly Irfan was playing with a tall, straight left elbow and along the ground and late. So when Umesh Yadav pitched a yorker-length delivery, Irfan rapidly brought his bat down to rifle a straight drive, which caught the bowler unawares. Yadav attempted to tuck his back heel to field the ball, but by then the ball had hit the stumps and rebounded to him so swiftly, giving him enough time to run back and uproot the stump to run out Irfan.

Deflection of the day
In some ways, Kamran Akmal is one of luckiest people alive but, up against the force of nature that is MS Dhoni's bristling, muscular thigh, Akmal was no match. Akmal had played a limp drive that seemed to flop out of his hands almost by accident. It took the inside edge and flew away in what should have been a safe way. Instead that impressive thigh bounced it into the air, straight to Virat Kohli at leg slip. It was like Dhoni put the man there just so he could thigh it at him. Is there nothing this man can't do?

Soft hands of the day
For an opening batsman, facing Irfan is not an easy task especially since he can generate threatening bounce allied with swing. Rohit Sharma had handled Morne Morkel cleverly in the tournament opener in Cardiff by leaving the ball as often as possible and he applied the same technique against Irfan. Rohit was aware of Irfan going for his ribs and in his second over, the Pakistan quick pitched a delivery on the leg stump that then climbed towards Rohit's face. Irfan had placed a backward short leg and was working to a plan but Rohit, who hit fifties in India's first two matches, went up on his toes and flicked the ball effortlessly with soft hands for an easy single.

Throw of the day
The days when the standard of Indian fielding lagged behind the rest of the world are gone. Exemplifying the huge improvement in the current squad was Kohli's throw to run out Junaid Khan. Kohli's direct hit, collecting the ball and throwing on the run, left Junaid short of his ground and underlined the good work of India fielding coach, Trevor Penney, and the improvements India have made since they opted for some younger players.