Chris Lynn fined for Twitter remarks

Chris Lynn blasts one through the off side Getty Images

Chris Lynn has become the second Australian cricketer in the last week, after David Warner, to be fined for his remarks over Twitter. Lynn, who plays for Queensland, pleaded guilty to breaching Rule 6 of Cricket Australia's Code of Conduct, dealing with "Unbecoming Behaviour". Lynn was fined A$2000 by Queensland-based Code of Behaviour Commissioner Glen Williams.

Rule 6 states: "Without limiting any other rule, players and officials must not at any time engage in behaviour unbecoming to a representative player or official that could (a) bring them or the game of game into cricket or (b) be harmful to the interests of cricket."

Lynn used his Twitter account to comment on the assault allegations made against rugby player Ben Te'o by a Brisbane woman. Te'o vehemently denies the accusations of assault and police said on Wednesday they were no longer investigating the alleged incident. Lynn tweeted that "The girl accusing Ben Teo is bad news" and then agreed with another tweeter, who had said "She should serve 2 months in jail for her make up! #booyah". Lynn replied that "She definately (sic) should!" and went on to tweet: "it does my head in ..."

The tweets have been since deleted, and Lynn apologised for his comments. "It was inappropriate to express my personal view on a forum like Twitter and I apologise whole-heartedly for that to the individual involved,'' Lynn said. "Violence against women is not acceptable and I'm sorry that my words could been seen to condone that."

Warner was fined A$5750 for his angry tweets at two journalists last week.