Rajiv Shukla, the IPL chairman, and Arun Jaitley, the BCCI vice-president, have met the federal law minister, Kapil Sibal, in Delhi over the planned legislation to deal with corruption in sports. The two are also likely to meet the sports minister, Jitendra Singh.

"Today Arun Jaitley, who is chairman of the disciplinary committee and I met the law minister and requested that the strongest possible law be made to crack down on match-fixing," Shukla said. "We want a law to be enacted as quickly as possible because people are taking advantage of the absence of a law."

The sports minister had said on Thursday that a sports bill was being drafted and it should be ready by June 30. Speaking at a conference on Friday, Singh said a "long-term" plan to curb corruption in sports was being prepared.

"We are talking about ways to bring about transparency in all sports. We have a long-term plan and we will use this opportunity with the ministers as well as bureaucrats in the states to work out some sort of plan to try and curb this menace," Singh said.

"My ministry has no control over the BCCI or the IPL but we need to think about the bigger picture. We are all ashamed, we are all worried and it is not just me, the players and the citizens of this country are ashamed. Hence, we will have to try and figure out a solution together."

One more person was arrested by the Delhi police on suspicion of betting on Friday. "Yahya Mohammad has been picked up from the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport [in Hyderabad] in connection with the cricket betting racket by the Delhi Police team," an official said.