Do you still brood about the final over you bowled against Matt Prior in the third Test in Auckland?
It was frustrating to not get that final wicket. I know that the bowling group and myself had put in everything we could, especially on that last day. We tried as much as we could so. It was a case of being so near yet so far.

What were you thinking when you turned in to deliver that final ball?
I remember thinking: I have got to make him play. I knew I did not want to bowl a delivery at the sixth stump, which would be a waste of time. If I had my time again maybe I would have thrown in a yorker.

Define aggression.
When you can tell from someone's body language that he is in a fight and it is a battlefield out there. Dale Steyn is a perfect example of that. You can see the fire in his face, how much he is up for the occasion.

You have said Wasim Akram is one your idols. What did you like about his bowling?
I loved how he could move the ball. Those are the kind of skills I'm trying to do in my bowling: swing the ball as much as I can and bowl at a good clip. I just loved the way he moved the ball both ways with such control.

What is the most difficult thing to do for a left-arm fast bowler?
To move the ball consistently is the challenge.

What is the one rule you would like changed or brought into cricket?
Use DRS consistently across the game.

Tell us something we don't know about you.
My player page on ESPNcricinfo says that I would be a chef if not for cricket. That is not actually correct. During the Under-19 World Cup in 2008, I filled out a form and I tried to be funny, saying I wanted to be a chef. And it has stuck with me. I can't cook.*

Do you play golf?
My handicap is 4. Back in New Zealand I am a member of a local club. It helps me take my mind off cricket.

Has cricket ever given you sleepless nights?
Many. There was this interesting incident before my Test debut. I knew I was not playing. I turned up on the morning of the game and Daniel Vettori got injured and I only had about 30 minutes to gather my thoughts and get ready. In a way that worked out better rather than if I had known the night before that I was playing.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the field?
When I was younger, my team needed two runs to win and we had something like ten overs left and I ran myself out. For some reason I was trying to win it in one ball.

Have you ever hit a winning six?
It came during the second match of the ODI series against India Under-19 in 2007. It all came down to the last ball and we needed six. I hit my first-ever six.

Have you ever met Sir Richard Hadlee?
Yes, a few times. His message has been to be consistent and to ask the right questions and ask them over a long time. He is a man who speaks about patience and hanging in there and having control.

* May 6 2013 12.45pm GMT The player profile has since been updated