Mandeep's walk, Gilchrist's rebound

Mandeep Singh launches to the leg side BCCI

The walk
Playing in Adam Gilchrist's team has its effect, but going by the umpire's reaction you wonder if Mandeep Singh sold himself. This is what happened. Mandeep went to hook a sharp Jacques Kallis bouncer, got a faint nick through to the wicketkeeper, but Manvinder Bisla hardly appealed and the umpire CK Nandan hardly reacted. Only Kallis and Mandeep seemed to know of the nick, and Mandeep walked. Almost sheepishly, and late, Nandan raised his finger.

The variation
To play as the second mystery spinner in a team that already has Sunil Narine can be daunting, but Sachithra Senanayake has done well so far. His variations can loosely be termed carrom balls, but he bowls some of them with a seam so upright some seamers would be proud of it. Gilchrist and David Miller, both left-hand batsmen, had no clue about them and fell in nearly identical manner. The ball pitched short of a length, on off, they played for the turn, but it skidded on with the arm and cramped them. Except that Gilchrist was plumb lbw, and Miller was bowled.

The rebound
Gilchrist is having a horrible IPL with the bat, but behind the stumps he has been immaculate. Today he cleaned up after Azhar Mahmood fumbled at first slip. It was the first ball of the chase, Bisla drove hard at a wide delivery as is his wont, and edged it chest high to Mahmood, who was caught in two minds regarding whether to go fingers pointing up or down. Gilchrist, though, dived after the ricochet off Mahmood's chest. The relieved Mahmood thanked the captain with a wicket in the next over.

The call that wasn't
In the 18th over of Kings XI Punjab's innings, Manpreet Gony chipped one for what looked a regulation catch for long-on coming in. Manoj Tiwary probably swallows them in his sleep, but this time there was a wide long-on in place too, and they both converged on the ball. Tiwary pulled out at the last moment, and his reaction made it clear neither man had called for it. Given Tiwary's history with injuries, you wouldn't blame him for not going for this, but it cost Kolkata Knight Riders 19 runs.