The attention the Women' World Twenty20 matches received from the journalists and the spectators in Sri Lanka was trifling compared to the men's game. Still, the current interest is a big improvement over the state of the women's game few years ago, thanks to the ICC's efforts. However, the game needs more push from the subcontinent, writes Osman Samiuddin in the National.

The ICC has a significant annual budget set aside for the women's game and promotes the game actively. Seven out of 11 national boards now have their female cricketers on central contracts, thus allowing them semi-professional or professional stability. To qualify as an associate member of the ICC, countries must have a women's set-up as well........For all the progress being made, it is maybe not happening quick enough, or evenly enough. At an ICC brunch on the day of the final, organised especially to promote the women's game, the general consensus was that the gap between the top four, including sides such as Australia and England, and the rest was increasing. More cricket for countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh will be important.