'Grown up loving cricket more than track and field'

Yohan Blake, the Olympic-medal winning Jamaican sprinter, analyses India's bowling attack, and talks about miming cricket strokes during sprinting training. That and more in a lighthearted chat with Indian journalists, in this interview in Hindustan Times.

"Praveen Kumar swings the ball and, of course, Zaheer Khan is a good left-hand bowl and Rohit Sharma (the Mumbai batsman had got a decent haul of wickets when he went to the Caribbeans with the India A squad in June-July) ... you guys have some wonderful spinners too. You have some good guys coming up too... I love them. My favourite bowler is of course Sharma, Rohit Sharma. My favourite international bowler is Jimmy Anderson from England.""I want to show you that I am better at cricket than running! I am a really talented batsman. I am a T20 batsman. You guys need to see me in action. I am a bowling machine that can bat all day. I have played some cricket... that's my love, that's my passion, every day I watch cricket."