Tweaking Australia's line-up worth a try

The Australia batting order presented in Colombo, with Shaun Marsh displacing Ricky Ponting at No. 3, looks a more convincing line-up, says Peter Roebuck, writing in the Age.

Upon reflection, changing the order is worth a go. In some quarters it might be regarded as weak, with captains past and present retreating and a newcomer thrown to the wolves. Moreover, the shift does not solve the problem, merely avoids it. Of late Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke have been failing in their previous locations, averaging in the mid twenties ....To these eyes, anyhow, the order presented in Colombo looked more convincing. While the idea of putting Ponting at six is absurd - if he needs that much protection then he is finished - four is still an important position, a point emphasised yesterday. He has not exactly been withdrawn from the firing line.