It's hot, it's humid, and we've lost another match

Stuart Le Prevost

So today hasn t been a great one for us, we lost our second match in the tournament and this time to Bahrain.

We didn t play well today and that s the fact of the matter, if we had played well and still lost then I maybe would feel better, but we didn t we simply failed to perform, that s all there is to it.

It s obviously upsetting for us to lose to Bahrain again, as we lost twice to them in Division 7 and now its happened in Division 6.

Obviously all the guys are disappointed but I think generally morale is good within the team, we ve got a good group and we ll try and get each other motivated so hopefully we ll rock up to the ground tomorrow and there shouldn t be too much of a problem to get back on it and beat Norway.

The conditions here are very different to Guernsey it s hot and humid in Singapore and the guys are struggling to make sure that they take a lot of fluid on board. The pitches here have been good, we just haven t bowled well on them that s all I m hoping now we re at Indian Association for two matches in a row it will mean we get more of an opportunity to analyze the pitch.

By Thursday of this week we would have played three matches in a row, but I m not too worried about the guys being tired from it, we have to keep going to make sure we play good cricket and try our best to adapt to the conditions we re in.

We ve not got any niggles in the side which is good, however my room-mate Gary Rich managed to dislocate his finger today in practice which our physio popped back in so he could still play. I ve got to say he s been very good about the whole thing and I spoke to him about it earlier and he s icing it ready for tomorrow game, so hopefully it ll be fine.

Today has been a disappointing one but we ve got to move on and look to beating Norway, which ultimately I think we can do.

Stuart Le Prevost is the Guernsey captain, whose exclusive diary will be here throughout the tournament