East-Asia Pacific equipment drive successful

The equipment drive during the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne has been hailed as a success, but more kit is called for.

Members of the Australian public were called upon to donate unused kit to help developing countries in East-Asia Pacific and some parts of Australia. Since the test we have continued to have equipment donated from local cricket clubs and schools, including donations from New South Wales and Western Australia. More than 600 items of equipment were donated in total.

The growth of cricket within the EAP regional countries including Japan, Cook Islands and Samoa - has reached enormous proportions in recent years. Over 35,000 people now play cricket there, compared with around 15,000 in the year 2002. This has created large increases in the demand for cricket equipment, with which the ICC EAP office and the respective regional countries cannot keep up. The equipment donated will go a long way in making sure everyone gets the chance to play cricket.

We welcome any donations of equipment at any time, said a spokesman for the project.