Australia v West Indies - turning points

4.6 Watson to Gayle, SIX, Gayle 1, Watson 0. Deep deep into the stands. Length ball, outside off, Gayle goes straight now, and makes a sweet connection. And it sails over long-off

5.2 Doherty to Samuels, no run, Samuels is lucky again. This was dead plumb. Umpire Dar has had a slip. This is full, pitches middle, straightens, and is missing both the leg and off stumps. Samuels has got away with one here

19.5 Doherty to Pollard, SIX, Gayle is dancing already. First 200 of the tournament. Full, middle and leg, smoked straight for yet another six. Gayle can't wait for after the match

0.6 Badree to Warner, OUT, back and it skips past the cut stroke and narrowly avoids off stump, Ramdin had the bails off and they're going the check for the stumping, surely Warner didn't leave his ground here...oh it's not for the stumping it's bowled him! Who would have thought that, it nicked the off stump on the way through to the keeper and has bowled Warner. What a blow for West Indies, another great start from Badree

4.3 Badree to Watson, OUT, goes for the shame stroke, again it skips on but this is straight and out goes leg stump. Right call to keep Badree going because he's slid one past the big man. That is a massive, massive blow. It was dragged down but skidded on to Watson and he was too late with the stroke