Australia v South Africa - turning points

2.1 Doherty to Kallis, OUT, oh edged and gone and Doherty gets another. It's a cracking delivery, tossed up on a length just outside off, Kallis pushed at it and got a thin edge to Wade to held the chance very well, it was a decent edge. What a start for Doherty, what a selection. Beautifully bowled, flighted nicely and a little turn this time gets the edge of Kallis JH Kallis c Wade b Doherty 6 (7m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85.71. SA 8/2

5.5 Watson to Amla, OUT, step across the stumps, goes to pull and gloved behind! Amla falls and Watson does the job again. A shorter ball, again not coming on as the batsman might expect, Amla went across his stumps to pull into the leg side, but was through with the stroke too soon and gloved a ball to Wade and walked straight off, what a blow for Australia HM Amla c Wade b Watson 17 (26m 15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 113.33. SA 33/3

7.1 Peterson to Watson, no run, big appeal for lbw, looked close, that went on straight it seemed, angling in towards middle and leg, no turn there, would it have gone down leg? Hmm, tough to say, Watson missed as he came forward to defend, looked mighty close Replays show the ball would have just clipped leg stump. Aus 48/1

9.3 Parnell to Watson, SIX, that's been hammered, he's been superb at spotting these short ones quick, pulls that high and handsome and long, over deep square leg, raises another half-century, some form he's in. Aus 73/1

10.1 Peterson to Watson, 2 runs, dropped, how costly will that prove? Watson reached forward to that flighted ball from Peterson, Parnell's running in from long-off, slides and it's dying on him, just manages to get his hands underneath it but can't hold on, a tough chance, but a chance nevertheless. Aus 76/1

17.4 Botha to White, SIX, White finishes it off in style, a flat six swung away over deep square leg, had made up his mind there and connected well enough to clear the ropes by a distance. Aus 147/2