England v New Zealand - turning points

3.4 Finn to BB McCullum, OUT, and gone, sliced high to third man! McCullum has been snuffed out by Finn, the batsman took him on, couldn't control the shot and it soared high off the edge to Wright, who took a comfortable low catch. Went for the hurry-up but only hastened his demise

16.2 Finn to Taylor, OUT, a third for Finn. He's perhaps a touch fortunate because it was short outside off and Taylor picked out his favourite area towards deep midwicket but couldn't clear the man on the boundary

18.6 Broad to NL McCullum, SIX, fantastic over for New Zealand, poor stuff from Broad as he drops short again and it gets pulled over long leg...so the seventh ball of the over was very costly. Not Broad's best day

3.5 Vettori to Kieswetter, OUT, tossed up and bowled him! Kieswetter flailed across the line but the delivery was too full to sweep, it dipped under the swinging blade and spread the stumps like a sunburst

15.3 Nicol to Wright, SIX, clears the deep midwicket boundary again, got down on one knee and struck this flatter than his previous blow

15.4 Nicol to Wright, SIX, does it again, comes down the pitch outside off, nowhere near the pitch but just has the confidence now to swing through the line and clear long on