Finn bowls a good dead ball

Steven Finn finished with 3 for 16 AFP

Dead ball

Recently against South Africa, Steven Finn was on the receiving end of several calls of dead ball when his leg broke the stumps on a delivery that Graeme Smith edged to slip, but Finn will have been glad of his protruding knee in the sixteenth over. James Franklin backed away and smoked a length ball wide of mid-off but Finn had broken the stumps in his delivery stride once more, and the umpire had called a dead ball to Franklin's ire. Finn then added injury to insult next ball, when he banged one in short to hit Franklin on the box.

Bluff of the day

Rob Nicol has a habit of advancing to fast bowlers, and perhaps he exploited that reputation when he fooled Finn into bowling him a short ball. Nicol shuffled forward slightly before Finn hit his delivery stride, and the bowler thought he saw him coming, so dug it in short. Nicol though, decided to stay in his crease after all, and Finn's delivery sat up nicely for him to crash it through the leg side off the back foot.

Dot ball of the day

Franklin had more to be angry about in the final over of the New Zealand innings, when he backed away once more, but Bresnan followed him to the leg side. Bresnan had gone too far towards leg though, and despite Franklin batting a foot outside leg stump, the delivery still passed well behind his boots. Umpire Taufel didn't see it that way, claiming Franklin had clipped the ball with his shoe on its way to the keeper. Franklin was understandably miffed and was still muttering curses on his way back to the dugout after being run out off the next ball.

Catch of the day

Doug Bracewell came in as a late replacement for Jacob Oram, who became the latest victim of gastric illness in a tournament now infamous for it, but Bracewell did precious little apart from field. He didn't bat and was called on only to bowl the last over of the match. He did, however, take a stunning catch at long on to dismiss Eoin Morgan. Running full pelt to his left, Bracewell didn't look like getting there until the final second, where he threw himself horizontally and plucked the ball six inches from the turf.