Australia v India - turning points

2.6 Cummins to Pathan, OUT, great footwork from Cummins. Short of a length, gets a little big on him, he drops it just off the pitch and runs. On most occasions these result in singles, but Cummins has other ideas here. he strides towards the ball, and kicks it towards the stump, dislodging the bails a second before Gambhir's bat has slid in. Top work from Cummins

7.2 Cummins to Kohli, OUT, pace has done him in. This is one of the rare instances in recent times that Kohli has been done in comprehensively by a bowler. It's the pace and bounce again. Short, close to 143ks, his weight didn't go back as he pulled, and ended up skying it towards mid-off. Christian had to run to to his right, and put a slide in to complete the catch

10.1 Watson to Yuvraj Singh, OUT, Bouncer is back. Hello. And so is Watson's golden arm. Digs this in, Yuvraj likes the drop in pace from Cummins, and he top-edges it to deep midwicket

4.3 Ashwin to Watson, SIX, long hop outside leg, and there is no hope if you bowl that to Watson. He has pulled it over square leg. Doesn't matter if it is a carrom ball or a chess ball if you bowl that short

7.1 Chawla to Watson, SIX, welcome to the crease. You may as well give the red rag to a bull. Long hop, middle and leg, to Watson. Need I mention what happened after that?